Tuesday, March 14, 2017

prelude to my book cover... (me!) sandra, tvgp

have I shared this story before?  this is from .. early 2000 something..   and, i had my daughter take my picture holding the sign, and then i added the word bubble.   and i thought it was hilarious..   and my plan..   my plan was to send just this to a number of literary agents.    and i was going to try and place it as an add..    see if it drew any attention..  but then i saw the cost of advertisements..

anyway..  when i posted this originally on my blog..   Kathy cordova was the only person i remember who told me, she spit out her coffee she thought it was so funny

ive loved her ever since.

and, it never succeeded in bringing a literary agent my way, but i did like it very much.. as in, i liked the layout in general

and that is how the cover of my book:

eat, write & exercise

was created:

eat, write & exercise


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