Thursday, March 16, 2017

ADD ANOTHER BULLSHIT ARTIST by (me!) sandra, tvgp

-forgive me Jesus if the word is offensive; it is certainly the most accurate, and I need to use it at liberty to make my case.

because at least internally, I do find myself thinking, and occasionally saying out loud   -like, I cant believe the amount of bullshit you have to wade through in day to day life..   my God!

bullshit brochures; bullshit advertisements; bullshit articles; bullshit deals; bullshit conversations.. bullshit spam..  bullshit politics..       too long a list.

and let me say this, confess this before I write any further   -in defense of bullshit artists:

"it works!"

like, I realize, and surrender to the fact, that it gets results.    I wont argue that..

but I want to pose the question:   while it is true, that bullshit works

and that it is true that it currently is:  "just the way it is."

my question is...  " yes. but do you want it to stay that way?"

   -and do you want more bullshit all the time...  should we just go ahead and provide academic teachings, and make it a college degree you can earn and proudly hang on the wall

Masters in BULLSHIT

p.h.D in BS              -no, BS in BS...           it is so celebrated in this culture..

because the part I don't think people realize, is that   IT IS A CHOICE.   bullshit is a cultural practice, and culture is..   malleable.



the fact that it works, receives positive reinforcement, is encouraged and rewarded

those things mentioned above are exactly what contribute to the increase in this behavior,

and guess what...

can be applied to increase different behaviors/cultural practices also.    YOU CHOOSE!


here is the sentence, exactly as it appears in an article I read about  -negotiating.   that got me all

"YES..   AND I LIVE IN THE WAKE OF LIARS/PANDERERS/BS ARTISTS LIKE YOU and it makes my life very difficult..."

the sentence was in parenthesis like this:

     (to be honest, I can't really tell whether the child has her mother's eyes.  I'm just trying to pander to him; I'm about to make my move.)

and doesn't that sound not so bad; and pretty common place..


the wake it creates is this:

every single conversation you have from that point forward is tainted.   you cant hear anyone say anything without questioning motive

          -what do you want from me?   you are setting me up/warming me up for what?

it is sincerity's nemesis.


I am among the people, who sincerely like to get to know people...    and who compliment others with great regularity, but it is not for gain.

although, I can tell you...            I seem very suspicious in this culture..


I think its just yucky; this cultural climate..    

   -take the temperature of any conversation..

i'm gonna bs you about this; so I can get that..

now i'm on the receiving end of what must be bs   (its all I know)...    so, what do you want from me...


I will close with two thoughts:

I think this is why God says,   -seek first my face/not my hand..            and can read hearts/minds.. 

       see Hebrews 4:12

its communicated so poetically in the Bible, but in crude current terms,  it can be translated to say,

    God can cut write through your bullshit and get to the truth.

/what a full-time job this becomes for the rest of us.


President Obama received so much criticism for not socializing more..   having those politicians over for dinners, and chats..   to create relationships and win them over..

it is my opinion, that President Obama just had a particularly low tolerance for bullshit; that's all.

while others seem to like to swim, and drown in it..

In Jesus,    -bs is not a fruit of the spirit     's   name,   -amen!


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