Sunday, March 19, 2017


dear anyone/everyone in the field of psychology.  how may I be succinct?  there is no reason for me to point out a specific university; a specific study; a specific group or person.   you know the pattern. we all do.  it goes something like this:

we told a group of people we were doing this experiment   [experiment described]

but we were really doing this experiment [described] and only told them we were doing [that experiment] so we would learn...    the truth!

..  and it turns out...

people will consume less chocolate if you change the candy bar color to blue, and make the packaging brown.


now I know, appreciate and understand, that getting to the truth sometimes requires non-truths on the journey.  I get that.   ends justifies the means, and all that..

but I would caution, that when you have decades of an entire field of study, and its "scholars" and "professionals"  utterly immersed in practices of deceit in the name of finding truth

what you end up with, is entire populations of people unable to trust you, or take you serious, at all.

unless what you are doing is really helping humanity move forward and evolve; and improve in health and well-being

cut it out.

here are some of the problems facing humanity today:

human trafficking.
elderly abuse.
road rage.
domestic violence.
violence in general.
hate crimes.
PTSD which results from all of the above; and natural disasters.


I could go on, but..   those represent the short list.

and as I have pointed out, once or twice..

genuine humanitarians are our most evolved human~beings     -they should be studied in great depth, and taught..   and shared and celebrated and researched!

try and get to the bottom and the truth of this:  how does a human being, in this world (described in short list above) become

   -against all odds, suggestion, cultural common-sense, survival instinct, and without financial reward or fame dangled..

how does a human being become a genuine humanitarian?   

and unless you are addressing a real problem/crisis facing humanity today,

or helping hurting/selfish/stuck people evolve

if your God given gifts/talents/time/energy are devoted to deceiving individuals/groups so you can make amazing discoveries like people wont consume as much chocolate if its tinted blue

then you are contributing to the problem; not the solution.

IN Jesus, did not deceive in order to help humanity,    's   name.   amen!


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