Tuesday, March 21, 2017

because -mind travel for (me!) sandra, tvgp


anytime some talks about robbery..    well, usually robbery is about money.  or something to sell for money..

I do not condone; justify.. but, I do understand.  I can wrap my mind around the idea of someone being desperate, or on drugs, or overwhelmed by peer pressure, or some combination of all of those, and who does not hold their thoughts captive, but takes them serious, and then ends up robbing for money or valuable that can be sold for money.  I can see how that happens.

I cannot understand how a person ...   broke into our home; stole me from my room; violated my body and ... left.

he was not out for money, or valuables..     not like, human trafficking, where the human is sold for money..

and I can spend more time than I will admit, curious about that..     what set of circumstances leads a human being to kidnap/rape a young child, where no financial gain is an objective.

and I think about most all the men I know in my life, my dad, my brother, my male cousins, my male co-workers, school peers... boyfriends..          all the males..     

and I cant think of one of them... not one, who even if he was down, down, down on his luck, and/or on drugs..     I cant think of one male ive encountered in day to day life...   capable

but there was no financial gain involved when I was kidnapped/raped at 6,  16, or 17 either..

although I do remember the lakeside rapist took cash from my wallet too..       -why not, just the cash?


I would love if an expert..   

because to research it myself..   as you know,  an online research would generate an avalanche of information/opinions/advertisements...     rabbit hole.

but as it is 2017, and surely to our good God, we've learned..

I wonder if anyone could explain it in a way, that   -while I would never condone/justify..   

will I ever  understand?

and like the anger management classes..                 are there ways we can teach? that don't just provide an opportunity , a school, for kidnappers/rapist to become better at their evil craft?

and, when I write about PTSD..     I have to edit  -for exactly that reason..    sometimes it helps victim survivors.. sometimes it is used to elevate the craft of evil-doers


the mind/heart/spirit..   it matters what soil the seed lands on.

so, naturally..  

we have to look closer at soil.         origins of soil...

very important story in the bible..   seed landing on different soil...


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