Tuesday, March 21, 2017

First World Problems ... as contemplated by (me!) sandra, tvgp

the pastor used the phrase this past sunday,   but my co-worker friend, a beautiful, young 20~something, uses the phrase with great frequency

"i know.  its a first world problem."    and dismisses any upset/concern for any given problem because relative to third world problems..  

nothing really is a problem.


I'm uneasy with it..  still wrestling...    because while it is true..   to some degree.   all things being relative..

well, I don't have it worked out.   I think perspective is healthy..     and not whining over a bad grade, or cold, or inability to find a hotel room..

none of it is terrible when you set it next to problems like,  next meal? any medical care at all? and not a problem with air conditioning in a house

but the problem of no shelter at all.


still..   not sure we should so easily dismiss everything..   marginalize what is troubling/bothering us because its not at the crisis level of third world countries.

but I'm not sure..

and, as if divinely choreographed:   write about the time I was wrestling with these thoughts, I heard a young girl on her I-phone telling whoever was on the other end

"i couldn't stop crying...   she ruined my whole eyebrow."

and I don't know where she went for her wax or thread, or dye..   or who destroyed the shape/color of her precious eyebrow for what amount of money

but I sure did want to let her in on the new awareness; the new catch phrase..

offer her some perspective...

and a Kleenex.

and an eyebrow pencil...

and console her all the way back to her Mercedes...  


In Jesus, was born in a manger and traveled by donkey..   's name...   amen.


addendum:   -because I discussed this more with vanessa..   and she said someone said to her, some time ago

not allowing yourself to be sad, because someone else is more sad
is like not allowing yourself to be happy, because someone else is happier.

     -I like that.


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