Wednesday, March 22, 2017

awake! aware! by (me!) sandra, tvgp

and so yes, there was a notable, experiential change.. when I graduated from just having thoughts; to observing my own thoughts and weighing them against God's word, and keeping or deleting them accordingly.

and, there was a notable, experiential change, when I went from being unconsciously manipulated/influenced by   [variable here]

influenced by people older, with intention to manipulate
by advertisements/commercials
by peer pressure
by substances
by culture
by insecurities, fears, movies, music...

and then became aware and awake to how these things were influencing/manipulating me..

significant milestones. 


and lets revisit the greatest gap   -between the intention of a law, and the result,   -on two other occasions

the intention of the law was to protect women against sexism and sexual harrassment in the workplace.  one of the actual results I witnessed was women entrapping men for financial gain.  setting up the sexual harassment case, with the very intention of winning money in court.

-made me so heart sick for the genuine victims...   

solution?    I don't pretend to know.

and, then we have the war against drugs, with its obvious noble intentions..

but then the RESULT..  is an increase in sex-trade/human trafficking..

because if you get pulled over with drugs in your car    -evidence; jail.

but if you get pulled over with teenagers in your car..

harder to prove you are using them as prostitutes.

solution?   I don't pretend to know.

all I do know, is that there sure is a counterproductive result from very well intentioned laws we pass.

and it is that gap  -between intention and result, that speaks to why I always have been, am now, and will always be

pro-choice when it comes to the issue of abortions.

because while the intention of a law against abortions might be noble, the result is:

increase in suicides
increase in self inflicted abortions; which can go very wrong
increase in black market abortions

and I am grateful to learn, that without a no-choice law on the books, abortions have been on the decrease in general.


and, does anyone see why..     see the correlation between the old testament   -law based

and the new testament..   

because God himself saw that while the laws were well intended...

the results?!

seems like a fair analogy.

IN Jesus loving, merciful, true and trustworthy name...   amen!



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