Saturday, April 01, 2017

"I DO! WRITE FOR SOMEONE!" (me!) sandra, tvgp

k.  went down like this:  first, as you know, I had my vision.. my dream for an unknown other.  the "perfect!" I tell you, "perfect!" location for the next mel's diner   -what better location for people who like to hang out, show off /enjoy their cars, friends, food...   -write.   it looks like it was literally designed to one day host..

and I told my son, and I thought..   other people need to  -see-   what I see.  so I text him, and asked if he would park his, and have a few friends park their cars.. and take a picture

and doesn't my optimism shine so bright..   mom text to teen age son.   even as I sent it, I knew..

aint never gonna happen.

so I took matters into my own hands.    left early for work even, so I could get a picture   -and there happen to be a truck, and a man..   

handsome man.    /sidetrack..   

he wanted to know who I was..    pulling up, backing in, snapping pictures   -and those of you who do know me will appreciate this exchange more than those of you who don't but..

tony..   turns out his name is  /hear the song...?   tony, tony, tony.. 

anyway..  he projected on to me..  what?  that I was spying...   no.  that I had financial interest in the building?   no..     that I was making sure everything was up to code?

he must have asked me three times, "i'm trying to figure out, who I'm talking to..?  who are you?"

"i'm just..   certain this needs to be the next location for a mels diner!   -but you already have plans for it don't you.."

and I pointed to the parking spots..   and I asked him how well he knew the town.. how well he understood people like their cars here..     how and what a cool place this would be to hang out..  how it just must, has to be..   somewhere where you pull up, park, and have the food brought to you..  and music..piping through...

I'm just here to take pictures.."

"who are you?"

and I told him,  I said with a smile..   "i'm a writer.  an artist.  a visionary. a poet...   "   and I pulled out one of my business..   my new vista print 9.99 for 500 business cards, cards    -out from the pocket of my denim alden lane cashier shirt

and we did shake hands..   and we did introduce...  and we did talk  -mels diner-   American graffiti..   and he knew part of the movie was filmed on the streets in Fremont..     and he seemed pretty knowledgeable about Pleasanton

but he did tell me..   

that the perfect location for the next mel's diner is already slated to become the next

cook's seafood restaurant.

like the one in Menlo park.

write away, in my heart, I was like...      /so temporary.

I don't mean to wish anyone anything but success, but..       

so, I switched it up.   "well, whatever its going to be," I said with a smile, "it needs to be where you pull up in your car, and be served..   "

and he talked to me about city codes..   policy/procedure/rules/regulations..

"I'm gonna be late for work."  I told him, and..

off to work I went.


now,  sidetrack..    I mentioned the word 'handsome' and 'tony' in the same sentence to a friend, and she write away asked if he was wearing a ring

I just smiled.

sometimes I don't have time to share everything ive learned, know and might be thinking, but I'm gonna take a brief moment now

because  -if there was EVER a day when the presence of a wedding ring ='d a devoted, loyal, married man; and the absence of a wedding ring ='d a man was single

it was before my time as a single woman.

what ive learned   /the hard way.  always the hard way!

is that sometimes a man wears a ring to bait a woman who only wants to feed off someone elses husband.

sometimes a man wears a ring to appear married to ward someone off

sometimes a man wears a ring to indicate he's married, but it doesn't mean he is also monogamous.

sometimes a man doesn't wear a ring, even though he is devoted and monogamous, but his occupation prevents..

sometimes a man doesn't wear a ring, because he wants to appear single, even though he is married
and he toggles his ring on or off, depending on the given situation and prospects

the point I'm trying to make is that to use the presence or absence of a wedding ring as any kind of indication of anything is about as reliable as

           [insert your own analogy here].

so, I never even bother to look.


as I have mentioned on one or two occasions before

in my mind, all men are married with twelve children unless proven otherwise by an FBI, CIA, NSA, and S.A.N.D.R.A. background check.

please remember my conversation/experience from many years ago:

"why didn't you tell me you were married?"

"you didn't ask."

These are people I share this planet with....

sometimes I wonder if there's enough Jesus to go all the way through and around...

do I hear an amen in the blogosphere


and so at some point, after chit-chat, after pictures and before I left, but after I presented my vista print business card to tony, tony, tony

he said to me..   "i thought you wrote for someone, like a newspaper.."

"i do write for someone!" 


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