Tuesday, April 04, 2017

AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES! for musical programmers -from (me!) sandra, tvgp

to take advantage of this amazing opportunity  -there is this pre-requisite:

5 minute walk in nature.     -enjoy the quiet, the occasional bird chirping songs..  

now, 5 minutes inside a busy grocery store, with self-check-out counters

                     -hear the loud and obnoxious computerized voice; the buzz, buzz of scanners; the beep of buttons  -and realize..  this is multiplied out by machine, by product, by person, all day, every day.

it is ghastly awful; it is ghastly awful for the shoppers, but they are only in the store for a while.  my heart goes out to the employees!   -to listen to that ALL DAY?!?

now-    surrender to the knowledge that people & computers, and scanners and touch screens are married forever; there is no divorcing them from society...   

forced to live together like it or not.


don't you think it would be AWESOME if we..

we, as in my idea + people/programmers/musicians that can actually make this kind of thing happen.

if we could change every beep/buzz into...             music!   ~beautiful music!

and then I was thinkin'...    like, what if every obnoxious BEEEEP was turned into a PIANO KEY SOUND!

but, even better, even better...

the scanners were programmed to create whole songs...  that played as you scanned your products

so each product contributes to an excerpt of

Mozart!          or, wait...     !   yes, in addition to a touch screen menu which asks bag/no bag/cash/credit/debit

the menu could include SONG CHOICE!   before you start scanning your cart!   NATURE.  ROCK. CLASSICAL. COUNTRY.

I want my full cart of groceries to play some  [touch screen: Motown]

I think we could create a musical incentive for things to move faster, and sound more beautiful.

don't you?

what I'm certain about, is that...   we have got to do something to change the obnoxious noise into beautiful music..

music makes everything better.

In Jesus loves songs of praise..   and praise Jesus..     amen!


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