Sunday, April 02, 2017

EXCITING AS DUCK -the final four! as seen by (me!) sandra, tvgp

did you keep the faith?  "i did!"     -as is my nature, my practice..   a victory mindset start to..

i did not want it to finish!    what an exciting game!

i'm always with a little guilt..   like, watching you players who have worked so hard; practice, practice, practice..

the dedication, determination, faith, blessings, anointing, set-backs to overcome,the spiritual and physical and mental and academic obstacles course for any college athlete

giving it all you've got + dipping into the reserves

and my end of the bargain:   chicken quesadilla, lagunitas, snickers bar and a large screen tv at beeb's sports lounge 

but i feel so proud of you!    awesome job!    so close..  so close...    

you gave us 76 reasons to clap and cheer and smile and be wow'd

the championship is yours next year    "cheers!" to you,  you awesome ducks

and "congratulations!" to north carolina & gonzaga

In Jesus..   loves team sports, name,   -amen!


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