Monday, April 03, 2017

red means stop. green means go! -memory of my arrest.. (me!) sandra, tvgp

awesome day in Hayward yesterday with my mom & rick..   more later, but among the highlights..  well, I asked rick if he would please pull over, I needed to take a picture of the exact location where I was once arrested..     -for grand theft auto.  yes.  (me!)..    your favorite cussing Christian.   my mom said, "tell us what happened again..."   and I was like...  "it's too exhausting..."   I briefly shared.. but, I do have it here in the blogosphere and the picture below, is the very intersection where I learned the lesson   

-didn't I just get done sharing how every single lesson ive learned; ive learned the very hard way.  -true story.   the difference now, is that there are   -arrow- shaped green lights...  which = safe to turn left.   that didn't exist in 1981.   in 1981, I did what the red car here is doing.. only.. 

there was an animal control truck who had the write of way.


also..       while in Hayward..    we also toured past the bank I was in, during an armed robbery    -and my mom was very surprised to see "there is still a pixie donuts!"  but the barber shop is gone, and the bank has changed names, and been redesigned...


perry's liquors..  my mom loves to tell the story of how she brought my jr. high picture to the store manager and made them hang it near the register...    "she is not allowed to buy cigarettes!"

and this is quite out of order, but earlier...

we drove past holiday bowl...  boarded up/closed.   and the vacant lot where valle vista roller rink used to be..    remember that story?  I was in a gang...

fun times. 

and sometimes..  the only way to appreciate any of this, is to know me now, at age 51..  how tame, and kind, and hard-working, and honest I am.    how,   -almost normal I am.   and then to contrast that with a bullet point list:

teen age pregnancy/miscarriage
suicide plans x3
arrested for grand theft auto
ran away to santa monica on greyhound, with a pocket knife and change
in a gang
high school drop out with ambition of being a traveling gypsy
kidnapped/raped 3 different times, by 3 different predators
in a bank during armed robbery
boyfriends of every variety
eating disorders
20 cavities
married/divorced 2 1/2 times

and, now..     when I consider how I'm sometimes described..   the gray-haired lady with a tattoo on her face..

only those who know me well can laugh and smile...

& Jesus loves me; this I know...


look where else we went:   and may I say for the record...   "thank you!" because anytime I order a hot fudge sundae, I always ask for 3 parts hot fudge and 1 part ice cream...  but rarely is that request honored..     dairy bell did it write though!    delicious...

   /that's my mom & rick...  cute couple aren't they.    and a lady did ask me, while I was there, what my tattoo stood for

"conquer the world with kindness."     -and people always respond favorably to that.

and before we went to dairy belle...   look where else we went:   
sonics!   -where the cars can pull up & order, and your food is delivered by talented in-line skaters..

and after delicious burger/fries..

at one point, with a perfect blue sky backdrop... I could see two kites, the moon and a drone in one shot, but I couldn't get a picture...

anyway..   beautiful!  -garin park.   perfect picnic spot.

and also, in this one short big day..   a little shopping, and I told my mom, as we went drove on halcyon to bayfair mall..    I'm gonna get a picture of those railroad tracks too.. but not today.

and I confirmed with her..  it was wear...    the last place...

a place, at one time of great terror.   terror is not something I have to imagine.. or wonder what it is like..

I know.


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