Thursday, April 13, 2017

Vitamin B17 from (me!) sandra, tvgp

so, when I married the first time, at age 18   -our song,   was a top 40 song, that played on the radio with some frequency.    after our divorce, when I was 21..   and for a good long while..  

can't count how many times I heard our song on the radio.

when I was engaged, but never married..   I don't remember us even having a song.

when I married again, at age..  32            I made sure our song, was not a top 40 song; consciously decided.   and as this marriage also ended in divorce...

I celebrate my decision.

and in my personal list of strengths and weaknesses...   learning about memory; triggers; storage; hyperlinks, memory management in general, and applying what ive learned


In Jesus understanding name...     amen!


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