Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Shifts in Consciousness as experienced/witnessed by (me!) sandra, tvgp

i am sensitive to shifts of consciousness.   two quick examples:

in a restaurant, at a table for two; me and a friend.   there are occasions when me and my friend are engaged in conversation, and then,   -such a quick glance..

and i can recognize that said friend is no longer exclusively talking to/engaged with me; but aware & hopeful they are being watched by someone else; and so..    this shift takes place.   and now they are smiling harder, or laughing louder, or flipping their hair   -they become subtly more animated, and while they still may be talking to me..    their attention is on hoping this other person recognizes them..

and for me..   i have these occasions where, i am surprise visited by a friend, and at first, i am so initially excited, and exclusively giving my attention to them..  "so good to see you! how are you?" etc., and i can feel a shift take place; a consciousness shift

and i will internally...     oh, like, i look like shi$% today...      why couldn't this person surprise visit me after ive taken a shower...

and i have to make an effort, and consciously shift from self-consciousness back to other-consciousness...

where is that conscious/attention toggle switch?

   how is it; what mechanism allows it so that we can experience/witness/observe in others; interpret; redirect... what we are conscious of in any given moment...

in Jesus name, amen.


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