Monday, April 10, 2017

GOD KNOWS THE SECRET DESIRES OF YOUR HEART as noted by (me!) sandra, tvgp

do you remember?  -how, even though my sister and i were roommates for YEARS.. and i thought we talked about every. single. thing. and i thought i knew everything about her; and she knew everything about me..

how it came as such a surprise to me to learn  -after all those years...   that she always wanted to be in a parade?!?


same experience; different family member.   ive known my mom all my life...  and yet, i had no idea, until she said it out loud

that she always wanted to see a bald eagle (?!)   -but, not a bald eagle in captivity; a bald eagle in nature.

so   -God's creative choreography again;  climate great/check.  day off/check.   time/opportunity/place/check      -camera charged/new lens from david biondi "thank you!" check.

green light, blue sky, full tank; go!


and, really, i had to laugh and smile, as i pulled out my spy on keith brown binoculars from the storage bins

got a kick out of realizing...   once upon a time, these were boyfriend spying binoculars

now, at 51...     i am literally using binoculars for bird watching; ~with my mom.

   times, they sure do a' change.


met some wonderful fellow eagle scouts camped out here and there with phone cameras, binoculars, tri-pods and professional equipment

    -nicest people you could ever encounter..

all willing to share the best place to stand to get the best view..

and, it was a bit unclear, our first 1/2 hour or so..    whether or not we would really   -see- this bald eagle my mom had heard about on the news last week

easy to see a giant nest in the tree..  yes.   but..   movement/eagle in the nest?    the leaves gentle movement from slight breeze..    is that?     did i see?

and no matter how much i zoomed...        all nest.

but, hints/suggestions & follow-me's,  we walked all the way around and to the back of the school where

as you ventured closer to this one tree..

a spot of white...     the eagle's head! could be seen even without binoculars from a specific distance and angle..

and so, "look and see through your binoculars now mom...  "

and..    she looked intently; hopefully.   i watched as she moved and adjusted her binoculars a little left, a little write, a little up and a little down until..
   -she just spontaneously burst into tears.    happy, happy tears.

 i rubbed her back.   "it's beautiful isn't it!"      i understand.   i understand.

and thanks to another young woman, who pre-scouted out the area, and shared her experience with us; we ventured even closer.. down the way, across the bridge, down the path..

until we were almost directly in front of..

and we just enjoyed watching that eagle; that majestic eagle sitting in the tree.   excitement anytime it would ruffle a feather, or look in a new direction..

and everyone wanted to see it fly; everyone!    we waited with fisherman's patience..   camera's ready..

and was 10 or 15 minutes?   but sure enough..    that amazing wing span!   out and up and across the blue sky, over the school, and back to the tree with the nest.

my mom followed it all the way with her binoculars

and i tried..    i did try...    with the sun in my eyes, and the delay of readiness in my camera..  and a monitor blacked out by the sun..  i tried to just point in the sky in the general direction and capture a picture or two..

but, as you can see.  that didn't work out.

-what did work out, was to see/stand in front of the tree it landed on.    and i had so much fun too, watching the other bird/eagle watchers..

fascinated by some of the professional equipment; the fancy cameras/tri-pods; the serious photographers; the professional bird watchers; the real wild life photographers

  - i met stan..        "hi stan!"     he had some super fancy, long silver, national geographic style lens

i said with a smile to him, "my God, can that thing see Mars?"

and he shared some of his pictures... slide show from his camera.   Remarkable!

it is just absolutely mind-blowing to someone like me, the quality of photographs that can be captured and instantly shared today

my awe has not diminished.

and i passed out a couple of my 500 for $9.99 vista print business cards to people asking them if they might send me some of their pictures via email.

and i sure did "Thank You! Jesus"    -for providing this beautiful day..  after back to back rain/wind storms; this gorgeous day! and having it be my day off with no plans..

and being able to go with my mom to Milpitas, and share in this awesome experience; of watching one of her dreams, i didn't even know she had

-come true.

hallelujah! & amen.


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