Thursday, April 06, 2017

LOCATING THE (me!) IN YOU -by (me!) sandra, tvgp

excerpt from/to brain initiative subcommittee:

you have to have already arrived at the knowledge/understanding  -our physical bodies are containers.  we are spirits having a human experience; not humans having spiritual experiences.


I'm convinced! that master level actors hold the key..    

  -if you take a master level actor..   and put a camera as close as you want..  they can mimic/exactly accurately provide micro/nano level facial expressions and voice tones which communicate given emotions/experiences

which demonstrate almost exactly; an authentic reaction

so, I repeat..   the only way an actor can act..  is if authenticity exists in the first place; yes.


now, somewhere <--------- and="" are="" is="" locate="" nbsp="" p="" place="" that="" the="" to="" trying="" we="">
somewhere inside the master level actor  -who may have in fact, inhabited, the character they are playing so completely, its as if they become that person/character

but  -somewhere-   inside that brilliant, master level actor

they know, they are portraying authentic responses, but it is not  -really-  them

even though an audience, may be convinced..

crudely spoken

the master level actor knows when they are being their authentic self vs. accurately portraying someone else's authentic life experience

...  that place of knowing...

and I repeat what a gift it is!  this ability to act..

all the rest of us are kind of stuck being who we are at all times.  

and I used to think, anyone comfortable in front of a camera was potentially an actor; born to be an actor

but what ive learned is,  lots of people are comfortable in front of cameras, but only a % of them can act.

the same way, or similar I suppose to..

lots of people have voices, but only a % can sing.

and a very long list of human traits/characteristics fall in this category

I would love to name them, as time allows..


PRAISE GOD!   -briefly..

/how funny, I don't mean only briefly praise God..    but I only will briefly describe,

the pain in her voice months ago... "i just want my life back!"   and one medical complication after another, after another..

and she would joke, "if I was horse, someone would just shoot me.."

   -it was her legs, her arm, her back..

but fast forward to yesterday, and..    there she is, running this way and that, handling multiple problems, stamina, health..  

and I said to Jesus,  "SHE GOT HER LIFE BACK!"   

big "THANK YOU!"   hallelujah & amen!


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