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JESUS DID NOT DIE IN VAIN repeats (me!) sandra, tvgp

 -for reasons I cannot know or explain   -I have stronger memories of learning the definition of the word vain, than I do many others

seems like elementary school.  and it stands out because I remember that I knew/used only one definition for years..

well, as a matter of fact,  -only one definition until I consciously came across and subsequently inquired "that doesn't make sense.."

because I only knew vain as in relation to one's appearance.   -someone who cared only, and/or excessively about their own physical appearance; or who judged others based on physical appearance

it was a synonym for conceited

and so when I read or heard...     he worked in vain..     studied in vain...      spent time/effort/energy in vain..

I couldn't get it to work          -was this about attractive conceited people in daily life?


I remember someone  -and high chance it was Mr Crist

I remember having someone explain it meant...     as translated by my brain:   oh! it means they         did all this or that for a big fat nothing.

and as was, and as is still true today..   I'm sure, once I learned and understood it, I over-used that word for a while until it blended in properly with my conversations and writings.

         [remind me to speak to you regarding interruptions]


there are a lot! of people, circumstances and numbers you do not readily have access to; or complete knowledge of

even though we are living, write now, in the age of instant information about everything

but let us pretend you could know    -for all of time,

   -from the beginning..

from the moment Jesus died on the cross; start there

      #?  number of people across the globe who became Christians   -how many today?
      #? number of people who have been baptized/being baptized across the globe on this day
     #? number of Christians over time, and on just this given day that are
                        helping others; feeding the poor; volunteering in one form or another, and doing things for love of people and Christ, and not for money or attention or any personal reward  /outside of rewarding feeling that comes from helping/contributing/serving God

#? of people who know/manifest the fruits of the spirit
#? of people across the globe, praying
#? of people attending church/watching church tv/reading the Bible/teaching about Jesus

#? of people receiving Christ's love..

#? of people over time, and on this very day who have become or will become new creatures...

by the constant renewing of their mind!

Romans 12:2

#? of people over time, and on this very day, who will experience [internal experience] the forgiveness of their sins; mercy; grace..

who have/will know inner peace, happiness, joy! LOVE

who will exercise kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control

who have/do/will live by; act/behave/make decisions via the spirit, and faith, vs. flesh [carnal] and sight

#? of people over time, and on this very day, across the globe that will be HEALED  -from physical, emotional, mental, spiritual injuries

you do not have accurate/factual numbers to  -see.    no one link you can click on which will provide..

you can get general ideas per population subgroups...    

but, my point

is that if you could literally, actually SEE just how many people, across the globe, and over time, where time begins at Jesus physical death on the cross

how many people have been SAVED by LOVE, mercy, grace

you would very quickly, easily, instantly join the choir singing

"Thank You God for Jesus!"

my inner life has been saved.    -the part that matters most..    

anyone who has experienced PTSD knows..    the inner life is what matters

you can so easily! have a physically attractive, financially wealthy, materialistically impressive human being

who eats write & exercises, and looks good on paper

but who is miserable inside; and who makes life miserable for others..

PEACE I give unto you...      John 14:27     Not as the world gives   /and I would add, not as the World judges..

JOHN 3:17

          he did not come to condemn...     he came to SAVE...

I am saved.

I am saved, in the here and now; on earth; this fleeting physical existence

and eternally.

I have been transformed and evolved into a peaceful, loving, forgiving, compassionate human being
    -this did not happen via therapists, or medicines, or from any worldly/material origins

it is amazing to personally experience and overwhelming to comprehend.

but there is a large, ever growing number of people who have, and will, share this amazing experience and the overwhelm; the awe; the gratitude

#? of people include you?

JESUS did not die in vain...    

he has saved/does save/will save... who knows how many

but it is a number I wish you had access to everyday; wish you could watch it grow in real time..  person by person; church by church; state by state, nation by nation...

Jesus has an over 2000 year track record:

selfish people becoming generous
hard hearted people becoming open and compassionate
miserable people becoming happy
anxious people becoming peaceful
hateful/hurtful people becoming loving/helpful
arrogant people becoming humble
marginalized/ignored people becoming **exhalted
insecure people becoming confident
suffering people comforted... 
money hungry people becoming volunteers
slaves/addicts becoming FREE

    -the way we have access to blockbuster movie ticket sales; the dow; the US debt; unemployment rates and numbers; physical births/deaths...

I wish you had access to the true numbers.   everyday.     -first thing when you wake up, go online..

the little scrolling news reels at the bottom of the tv screen...

  # saved.....    # baptized....    #fed....       #helped.......   #healed.....    #forgiven.....

but anyway..

I will close with this:   a beautiful elderly woman came through my line at the register, and we chit-chatted very briefly

and at one point she said to me,  "i have a gift for you, if you will receive it.."

and she gave me this bible:

I shared with her how I am a Christian, how I was baptized in 2010; gave my heart to Jesus on Valentines Day

and expressed gratitude for the gift..   

she shared with me, in her lovely, engaging accent, that she was baptized in 1944...  in a (baptistery?)
because her church, in England, had been bombed..

and I find, those of us Christians, who have had closer contact with evil    -seem to draw closer, with deeper appreciation for God, and the message of God

which is LOVE.    He so Loved this world...   

and I know,  since he saved (me!)    -he can save (you!) too

In His HOLY, loving, eternal and awesome name...   and as we approach Easter,
    sing hallelujah & amen!


**   the little red squiggly line below exhaulted caused me to spell check..    I said, oh..  there is no
"U" in exhalted

and just smiled.   how many times have you heard, there is no "I"  in team?


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