Tuesday, April 11, 2017

SEX & POPCORN by (me!) sandra, tvgp

25 things are competing to be written about...      I will just create a path:

selfies/girls/phone cameras/feminism/objectification, etc. ad nauseam:    on this topic, I will share, that I have thanked God several times that phones/cameras/internet were not available to me in my pre-teens & teens

and so, it is with compassion that I view the  -highly predictable-  behavior I witness today.   what else could possibly be expected?  if you drown them in oceans of images via commercials, movies, magazines...    and you plant ideas via books, articles, music lyrics...     and you use attention as a form of currency..

and you factor in immaturity..     

and then put a phone with camera, with internet access,  mix in a population of unevolved humans happy to exploit, to manipulate

-and with nearly no way to supervise 24/7..

the cards are so blatantly stacked against young girls it is amazing to me the ones that seem to rise above it all, and navigate through with a healthy disposition, esteem, and  -eventually,  healthy loving relationships and sex lives.

but those are the young women, adult women, and wives/mothers you want to learn from.  Now that this technology has been in the hands for a number of years

we do have young women, adult women, mothers.. who made it through!  I think they should all be congratulated, wear badges, have trophies

diplomas/certificates on their walls..

but we don't tend to recognize and celebrate these more monumental accomplishments, do we.

anyway...    among those of you who have, and will make it through the cards of darkness stacked against you..   and come out strong, healthy, stable, dignified and true

please!   teach.


and so, within my personal lifetime   -born 1966, to 2017..   we went from  -where?  magazines with pictures of naked women, to adult book/adult movie stores to

24/7 online access to sex acts which can be live streamed in...

the result?

I would be looking for things that result in happy, healthy, families, relationships, children..

what is the contribution this access is making/having?


I know I like to wonder...       how on earth did humans populate the planet before cameras? porn? how did any man accomplish anything before there was so much pavlovian media and stimuli?     -must of been awful...     without 24/7 opportunities to be sexually aroused...

I think there is a tipping point..

like,  -when we advanced from horses to cars...   yahoo!,  but then..  traffic, accidents, fatalities, break-ins,

I'm just so inclined at this stage in my life to evaluate; to observe; to think; to wonder

  now that its here:  24/7 access to live stream..

happier? healthier? relationships better? stronger?      -what is the result?

improved self-esteem, confidence, contributions to the world at large..    bring joy, peace...?   couples getting along better?   

/I don't know, because I don't watch..   have zero desire to even research... 

for me personally, it does not enhance my sex-life.. or turn me on.   it makes me sick to my stomach.

    -vomit; not a turn on exactly.

but,  -if the  -result-   for you... and your loved ones is all good and positive...   carry on soldier...


speaking of pavlovian stimuli...

I am so grateful for the whole..   movie/popcorn pairing..   "i love popcorn!"   and just mention the idea of going to the movie, and i'm already placing my order:

"and if you could put some butter on the bottom, the middle, and on top...   yes. please. thank you!"


wait up.  hold on.    the problem is not the butter, or the popcorn..

there is an obvious-once-I-say-it solution to a very old innocuous problem:

as a matter of fact, I just experienced it again   -when I went back to add more brown sugar and walnuts to my oatmeal   /"thanks mom"


All these years we have been eating out of bowls, and cups and buckets, what we should be eating out of TRAYS!

oh!  problem solved, and you are most welcome.

when you spread the popcorn out across a tray...   one layer....    then you can soooo easily cover the entire portion with the ratio of butter/salt you are looking for...

you do not have to go back, go back, and add more, each time the top layer disappears and the flavor fades..

so, today marks the last day I will eat my oatmeal out of a bowl.   I will spread it out on a plate, and then sprinkle the entire portion, in one sweep, of brown sugar and walnuts over the top; like icing...


add this as another trend I will be setting:    as you start to see rectangular, and square, plates, with edges (for more liquidy things) replace bowls, cups, ....

one layer solution.

    side note:   it will as a natural result, limit the amount you eat/or call, a serving.  because, if you want to spread an entire bucket of popcorn onto, say...  a cookie sheet...

sit with that in your lap.


I was not always...   I evolved to this place:    ~that, it seems to me as silly now, to try and look 30, when you're 50, as it would a 25 year old, trying to look like a 15 year old, and a 15 year old trying to look like a 5 year old.   

while I leave room, that I may feel differently at 61, 71, 81.. God willing I make those ages..

today.. I am happier at 51   -healthier at 51...    and appreciate the aging process.   what I see is a culture which  -for a certain % of the population, sends a message,

the mom & daughter should look like sisters.      i am proud to look like a mom, and let my daughter look like,  my daughter.    and if i have the privilege of becoming a grandma!

i don't see it   -when i see obvious plastic surgery, dye, etc.    as   ~beautiful.   i see it as a form of oppression..     people becoming slaves to looking a certain way...

and i see there is a growing number of young adult women who recognize the oppression/slavery also..   and who are,

if i may borrow/spin off a colloquial phrase..   they are seeing to it, that

real is the new beautiful.   

and it is!    


pause again.   what we have now..    camera/phones, and software which instantly photoshops and adjusts...    wrinkle remover, skin blemish remover, hair shinier, whites the eyes and teeth, enhances the color of hair, lips, ...

on and on, etc.

and i am no different than anyone..  i prefer a flattering picture of myself, to an unflattering picture..

and the warnings/cautions/caveats/dangers are already out there

and i don't expect this to ever turn in a new direction, but..    i must just point out; again

the power of images.   used for good/evil.   helpful/hurtful..

and how quickly, how subtly...

but the scene,   real life scene that plays in my mind, that captures the entire consequence in one scenario is this:

the elementary school child who so proudly showed his class picture to his mom...    3rd grade?   and the mom

she did not comment on her childs handsomeness...   she did not comment on his eyes,  and she did not comment on his smile..

she did not respond with a light in her own eyes...      she did not say one positive thing

she looked at the class picture, and said,  "look how yellow your teeth are"

   -relatively speaking...    within the classroom of 20+ 3rd grade students...   if they were all to smile at you at once

those would all be beautiful smiles; period.  every childs teeth look about the same...

but, if you've been watching tv, seeing lots of consumer magazines with children models, and/or watching Disney channel, etc.

where the whites of childrens teeth are manipulated or bleached brighter/whiter...    

if you are saturated in those enhanced images...

then yellow is all you start to see in your perfectly normal,  beautiful, young, healthy, wonderful blessing of a child.

let there be no doubt...  the influence; the power...

just be aware.         -and as ive written about it all before.. i just  -i am aware.   and i am, as a result, very inclined toward - real.

my very viewing of photographs changed so dramatically post working at creative imaging..   my view of self; of images..       observations were made; seeds were planted...

and ive bloomed into loving what is real.


19 things fighting to be written about...


today, I will be passing out, door to door, postcard invites to Crossroads Church for Easter..  located at Mt. Eden High School in Hayward  10am & 11:30am,

in Jesus name,   amen!


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