Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Place I Called Home 1969ish-1980ish (me!) sandra, tvgp

when I went to see Melissa's band, at, Mt. Eden High School, Hayward location

they talked about an outreach..  volunteers getting together and passing out flyers door to door, to let more people know about the services available in the neighborhood

-there was a tug on my heart.    but, then, the day they were all getting together to do it; was a day I was working

so,  -the tug was strong enough, that I asked Melissa to bring me the flyers; and I committed to God to pass them out on my day off; solo..

and the other tug; was to my old neighborhood:  Peterman Avenue in Hayward.

                                       Include this in your prayers:   ask God to open your eyes to new things.

I promise you this

I never paid 3 seconds of attention to plants, trees, flowers in my neighborhood when I was growing up.    Outside of a very  -very few-  exceptions

           -there were roses in our front yard.   -name of?    but, there were roses

          -there were palm trees    -and we played  'prisoners base'    trying to run from the one palm tree in our yard to the one palm tree in our neighbors yard without getting tagged;  my brother larry's invention..

           -there was the blueberry bush on the corner..    mr pa (?)  which we did help ourselves to..  and a sweet elderly (relative to our young age at the time) couple; grandma/grandpa types who welcomed us to do so; and delighted in having the young ones come by

           -grass in front/back yards.    our apple tree.    -and the stand-out in regard to landscaping..  /although I'm sure I never even used the word..  but, it would be the family on cheney lane around the corner that had a small wooden bridge in their front yard, that walked you over a koi pond to their front door   [it is no longer there].

that's all I ever paid attention to.   but!    in the short time ive been working at alden lane,   -wow!- to the new things I notice

I did not take pictures of all the plants, flowers, trees that captured my attention, but I should go back so I can really show you

I will do that.

the only pictures I have to share today are these:   

 ... and they've recently added some kind of walkway passage which is just behind the house I once called home.  it goes over the 880 freeway; just shy of the Tennyson road exit.   I was there until 1980ish; my mom remained there until around 2000; then moved to Patterson..   and 7 years later to San Leandro

 looking left from our home; the brown fence on the corner; once upon a time; blueberries/no, raspberries I think they were...
 looking write from our home..   Peterman is a long street, with an overpass [packed with memories] and the avenue eventually curves left onto Calaroga, near my elementary school

 this is cerebral hyperlinks galore; overwhelm..

 and, once upon a time, the dreaded gateway to my jr. high school; formerly Calaroga Jr High; currently, Martin Luther King.   That represented my 7th grade year.  My 8th grade year I would attend Bret Harte Jr High in the Hayward Hills, and then, Bancroft Jr High in San Leandro.


 John 10:27     I am one of God's sheep and His sheep hear His voice.
In Jesus name, amen.


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