Wednesday, April 12, 2017


speaking of southgate..

PTA President:  my mom!  (years?)   School Carnivals, VIP Cards..  Field Day..  Talent Shows..  Fashion Shows...

K:  Mrs Santistavon (sp?)     The Pledge of Allegiance in German; towels for nap time..   cubbies..
1st:  Mrs Nelson   -nice..
2nd:  Mrs Henshkie (sp?)   -beautiful, blond, kind, glass eye..    guessing the weight of her new baby
3rd:  Mrs Ryan    -long dark black hair, lots of turquoise jewelry, mean..
4th/5th:   "Mr Crist!"    -best teacher ever, ever, ever

                             Student Council; founder.  School Colors/mascot..   initiated everything:  The blue, the grizzly bear,  the school's first year book!  [black n white copies of student pictures laid perfectly so, and photo copied/bound..]; first school dance; ever..

all of these things mentioned above, accomplished by the student council which Mr Crist initiated and guided

he created checkbooks   -like real adults; for each student  (no fancy copy machines..)  and used points earned on papers as money, i.e.,  

100% on test;   $100 in southgate bank...

spend on... mini field trips with up to 3 friends!   to Lamanz Speedway! (sp?)   -to ice cream parlor!   endless, creative, engaging ways to teach..

and flea markets, where we brought items from home we no longer wanted to sell..   wish I remembered what patty bought from me for $203 in 1977

my very ambitious biographies   -of not one, as highly and repeatedly suggested, but "i want to do ALL the Presidents!"

the toothpick missions...     the ride on BART...     the m&m's for math...

his heart was so into everything he did...    above & beyond...     

I know he has passed on; but..   if his children are to/can be found...     Your Dad was the most awesome, best teacher EVER.      I have more stories than I have time to write just now...

but his legacy at Southgate Elementary...!


First year of the newly established student council; my 4th grade year; ran for the only position open to 4th graders:  Historian.   lost.

second year, 5th grade..   Secretary?    lost.

6th grade year/Mrs Warner, but for Student Council/Mr Crist, and...    lookie there...    President!            "thanks mom!" for encouraging me..


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