Monday, August 22, 2016

public "thank you!" to ( Leann Caldwell & friends!) from (me!) sandra, tvgp

so grateful to be on the invitation list for Lee Ann's spontaneous 'let's get together and celebrate the end of summer' come as you are..  pot~luck.

and she made a point to say,  'not spiffin' up the house'   -just come on over, kind of thing..

and, on the whole, I think we need to do this kind of thing much more often..  relaxed, casual..  about the people/friendship; not about the house..

/and for me.. not too much about the dish you bring either.   i defaulted of course, to..    cake w/real frosting, beer..   and some flowers for the hostess.


and Lee Ann is just one of those very wonderful to be around and visit kind of people..  and turns out she is a magnet for the same.   -had the privilege of meeting several new mom~women friends; diverse in life-expeience; common in delighting in good visits, wine & food..

we started indoors; landed out doors..  covered a wide range of topics in casual conversation, from from the silly to the serious; from the creative legacy of burning man to what's hot write now in politics, we talked comedies, we shared about some of our tragedies..   little bit about  hair, fashion, pop culture; tv shows/movies; spiritual/religious..       and, enjoyed learning how music of our youth is a great current connector/link

there isn't one of us who doesn't know all the lyrics to any variety of carol king's music.  -and we talked about all going together to see the musical, but..   missed it darn it; its already come and gone..

in any case.. wonderful evening! Lee Ann..  "thank you!"    and as discussed,  look forward to future get togethers, be it craft centered; book centered; wine tasting..   comparing the best BLT's in the tri-valley..   

whatever.  i'm there if i can be!

In Jesus loves fellowship name,  ~amen!


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