Friday, February 01, 2019

He did get down on one knee.. my sexy... for (tops!)

k, this is just a sweet moment i'd like to remember..    went on an uphill walk with my sexy this very morning..    we had been, last night, discussing the advantages of walking, exercise, etc.  and the word -lunge came up.  I was like, 'what is a lunge exactly?"  and he verbally described it to me.  and then I said with a smile, "so, when we are walking up hill, if we just make those steps much bigger, you are kind of doing a lunge..   write?"

and when we were walking up the hill, I said with a smile  "show me a lunge sexy"

and he did.

and I said with an even bigger smile..   "baby.. did you just get down on one knee for me?"


and I sure do also want to remember the dream I had about my daughter last night.. I gave her the longer version directly, but here, I will abbreviate:

I got dropped off somewhere and was hoping out of the passenger seat of a huge 18 wheeler..

when I returned into the passenger seat, my daughter was in the driving seat

my God baby.. you cannot drive this thing..   get out of there..

and it started out lighthearted but grew into an actual argument, but while I was telling her she couldn't do it.. she just turned the key and started driving like a pro, in a residential neighborhood

where an 18 wheeler surely does not belong

I was just starting to catch my breath and realize she knew what she was doing  -going straight-

when, suddenly she started to really maneuver and U-turn..

this was too much for me..

and that's when I woke up.   thank God.    and amen.


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