Friday, February 01, 2019

The coolest thing, ever, ever, EVER! to (me!) sandra, tvgp

my very first introduction was via cbs sunday morning show some long time ago..

and I have NEVER forgotten.

only on the occasions I am scheduled to work at the info desk at alden lane do I really have access to a computer and the internet, and in between phone calls, customer service, pricing or other projects, if time and circumstances allow, I will visit their website.  and,

if and when "I" visit their website..

"I" want "everyone!!! to visit their website with (me!)"

"hey.. come look at this... check this out...isn't this the coolest thing ever, ever, EVER!"

and i'm pretty sure if you add all my info counter shifts together with all my co-workers who must pass by the info desk while i'm having my shift..

well, now what I say is...

"hey..  have I already made you look at this book cover website?"     and on many occasions their eyes glaze over, and they go..

well, either they go, "umm...   well...     no..."    /but really they are just being polite and looking for the 3rd or 4th time

or,  before I have even finished asking, they go, "... the book covers...  yes I think you showed that to me last time..       /and the time before that...   under their breath

and poor john, when I made him look

I said with a smile, I said..

"isn't this the coolest thing ever, ever, EVER!"  

and he said, without a smile mind you, he said,

"no..   no..  how can you tell which book is which then?!  i'm more of a purest"  and he indicated to (me!) with actual words, facial expression and tone..   he would never cover his books or any books this way.

so I said,

"john.  -have you not figured it out yet?!"

and he said, "figured what out?"

and I said, "listen.  just look at the website.   ooooh and aahhhh, tell me it's wonderful and walk away.  that's all you have to do, and i'll leave you alone."


so, having burnt out all my co-workers, I started in on innocent customers.   -and!  it just happened to be that my next shift at the info counter, time and circumstances allowed me to look again..

and there I was fielding calls, while staring again at the website..

and a perfectly innocent customer came in, and needed to pick up his cherry tree

so, knowing he could not tell a lie,

I said to him with a smile, I said,

"do you like to read?"

and, only because he said, "yes"    /although, I would have twisted his no, if he gave one, to end up in the same place,

but because he said yes, I said  "check this out!   isn't this the coolest thing ever, ever, EVER!"

and I moved the monitor a little so he could see   and I could tell by his facial expression and tone, etc., that he did think it was pretty cool too!

and then he started to tell me about some people he knew who arranged books by color.


and I mentioned to him, how I wrote a poem once..    "like, who reads books by size or color?"

there was I time I thought that was the most ridiculous thing in the world..

but, this website..  

this is quite different than arranging by size and color, although..  that is in fact what they are doing to some degree..

but what they are doing is so beautiful and creative, and it does honor the books, the authors, the messages, the content in many instances


of course, of course, of course!  I dream again and again,

my 13+ years worth of blogging into book form

across a long, long, long shelf/shelves.. with beautifully designed paper, a gorgeous background

and SQUIDMANN & SHE...   and our 9 years worth of his post/my comments.. into books..

wouldn't that be awesome..


so, we talked about books, and arranging books, and he mentioned to me this artist woman he had read about, and what she did was arrange books so that the titles on the spine, when placed together in a certain order and way..   it would create sentences or poems

but he couldn't remember her name..

and then later that same day, he sent an email to alden lane, with her info..

and "thank you!" kind customer! for being such a good listener..   and for introducing me to nina
another wonderful creative book lover..

"to books! and reading...   and designing...   and arranging their covers!"

cheers!  and amen.

  -forgive technical difficulty..unable to orient picture properly.    the go-around is to just tilt your head significantly ~write:


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