Wednesday, January 30, 2019

By-Path Surgery by (me!) sandra, tvgp

the problem of not being able to upload pictures from phone to blog is not yet resolved.  but as I have written about in abundance before  -everything is pathways.  and my go-around temporary solution (which I hope is temporary) is to send my pictures to myself via email..  then download...  then access.


now..   I was wearing the biggest smile when someone was kind enough to ask (me!) yesterday

passerby:   how are you doing?

(me!):   well, I have a very sexy man and great meal to look forward to... in a new place my heart gets to call home..


I will not write again about  -home-    

what I will do instead is tell you how moved I was..     deeply touched..    when, in the not too far past, my mom and her husband rick came here to san jose for dinner     /my temptation would be to say, 'to Robert's house' for dinner..    

anyway..   they came here..    and  "I got to cook for them!"  one of my favorite meals Robert had made for me... which felt great, as they had had dinner waiting for me almost every night I lived there with them...      slow cooked to perfection pot roast and hand-mashed fresh hot potatoes.  I do believe it was a hit..

but, that's not the part that moved me..   this is:

when I walked through the door, my sexy had poster board on several different, currently empty walls/areas.  

I just laughed and smiled so big..   and so did my mom and rick when they arrived.  and we had a lovely dinner and lovely visit..   






to do this:

to that:

and how much time?  how many days?   I didn't count..     but on a couple or a few days before I left for work..   and on a couple or a few nights before I went to bed..   and on one of my days off...

"thank you! Jesus! for the vision and the verve"

"thank you my sexy!" for letting me have my way with your bricks


I love you so


and I have the vision and the verve for the next wall too..

which means I need the tools, supplies, time...

but, does this ever keep me joyful, having these projects


and i'm equally joyful in the kitchen, doing the dishes, cooking, learning, cleaning
enjoying meals with Robert and his son Justin

i'm equally joyful weeding the front/backyards with my sexy..  doing laundry...

everything feels like 'due season' as promised in the Bible

To God the Glory   -and gratitude.    amen.


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