Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Fabulous Fireworks. photo by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

and so you can see then, if i so easily awe at seeds which yield pretty colorful flowers; how much more in awe i am of human beings

from the union of..  into cells..  and then consciousness, conscience, moving, breathing, running, swimming, decision making, learning, making up and changing their minds, breaking and healing hearts, immune system, gifts/talents, regrets/forgiveness, inventions, intuition, instincts...  learning, ignoring, focus..   determination..  imagination/dreams..

hope. faith. love.

the spectrum of physical/mental/spiritual abilities we can consciously aim to master;
the amount going on in and through and on us, on its own..  the pumping of blood, beating of the heart, blinking of eyes..shedding of skin...

there have been 
and are now
and will be

many discussions about human beings as masterpieces

"you are a masterpiece!"

and its true.

I think it is a good exercise to consider a piece of technology and marvel at all its capabilities, bells and whistles

and then compare it to all that human sentient beings can do and -feel-


-imagining/making/designing/manufacturing/distributing the very technology that can do so many amazing things

and then to note

God is to humans; as humans are to technology


today i'll be thinking about intuition, inspiration and fractals.

In Jesus Name!   amen & amen.


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