Monday, September 05, 2016

-see. what are these doing in the same folder? wonders (me!) sandra, tvpg

sandyland comic strips.  copyright 2004, Sandra kay & Nancy Eddinger.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.    -and these are two of my favorites out of many..


my sister and I with Austin powers..  in hobby industry association magazine, horizons, Voume 22, No 1 Spring 2003


copy of letter I sent to Don, October of 1993..   in or around...  based on other letters.

I saw the tall handsome sportsman.. but my intuition saw the closet romantic...

   ... you have left me intrigued by, what i'm sure will amount to, a number of different discoveries.

honest to God.. did I write that?!?    that is hilarious to me now..


but without seeing this my very self...    if someone just tried to convince me..  I would never believe.

I have no access to these memories without the direct tangible link.


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