Friday, September 02, 2016

the X on tri-valley treasure map is clearly Alden Lane. knows (me!) sandra, tvgp

 ive only seen pictures & video online of Alden Lane's awesome and annual, highly colorful and wildly spectacular
"QUILT SHOW!"    Sept 24th & 25th
and the first time i personally laid my eyes on the quilts..
hanging from the 400 and 500 year old oak trees  -outdoors; surrounded by nothing but natural beauty

-and took in, how the colors, patterns, creativity, the texture...   well, what a perfect pairing!  of art & venue.

so it surprised me in a big way, to learn from cyndee, that the first time she suggested it, and shared her vision; it was initially vetoed.

fortunately for her, and Alden Lane, and every quilter, and every visitor  -every year
her vision has become a magnificent annual event

and i am very happy i will get to see this in person for the first time.  

also learned, that sue,   -she is with me in the picture above, among many, many other creative contributions in, at and around Alden Lane

she designs a new quilt show t-shirt every year.
and i am wearing mine very proudly!    turned out gorgeous...
she also painted the walls inside Ruthie's Room at Alden Lane, and..
is teaching the upcoming succulent turtle class..

there's more.. but honey..   they scheduled me bright and early today.

i said to alex..  "don't you know Thursday night is my dancing night?! and i need to sleep in on Fridays.."

but its only this once; so rally i will.

"to quilted coats of many colors!"    amen..  


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