Monday, August 29, 2016

from the inside, out. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

"what kind of things do you blog about?"    -it is the most common question when people learn I am a blogger.     I always answer the same:   "whatever is on my mind that day."


and today..   my mind is on my mind; again!


so, I know the ego was identified and so named by freud.  or at least, this is to whom we give the credit.   so I was curious..  who identified and named the conscience?   -and when I went to research I got attacked by advertisements..  in order to read the article online..  well, you must first watch this or that.. and if you try click out..   you just added three more minutes of headaches..

so, then I was thinkin'    God I miss books!   -can you imagine if when you went to the library, you couldn't open the door to get in until...   car advertisement

and then once you got in, you couldn't walk 10 feet without a  fast food advertisement..

and every aisle, and every shelf..    no access without first seeing this or watching that...

it is hideous! trying to navigate online.

so yes it is true we are living in the information overload age..  but you aint getting this information without being bombarded by advertisements.      that then, triggers the cerebral hyperlink of one of my posts, and I will only briefly here re-mention my brilliant idea of the movie theatre, and video games and advertisements, where the ad pops up on the screen and you shoot it with a video gun and kill it goodbye, and you get points which add up to discounts at the places advertising..

it is a win/win if there ever was one.  they get to advertise, we have a way to say, I hate advertisements, and yet.. we love sales and discounts.. and we are consumers.. so...


anyway, without fact-checking; I'm very curious about our own internal ability to fact-check our own selves for things like honesty

i.e.,  I read a passage in the Bible..   I said to myself..   if I were to be honest, I didn't understand that whole thing..

now, what I'm curious about, is..  what mechanism inside me allows me to interpret my own honesty?  -to know whether or not I'm being honest. (?).    -this seems separate from my conscience, which primarily distinguishes between write and wrong..

/she says with a smile.

what all is inside us anyway?   ego, conscience, interpreter, observer, consciousness, subconscious..

how many label~able/name~able parts or pieces reside in us, and have they ALL already been identified and named?   by who, when?

but I do not have time to research all this; I'm just curious..    and if I don't research it, and just contemplate it myself.. and come up with what I come up with..

well, in that way, I can either validate knowledge already gained; or add to it..  or inspire further research because there are new questions..


anyway..   this is just a guess, but for most young adults with even a minimal education   -I think if you mention ego, you can get a freud association..  

but if you say, conscience..    

so I might just give that a go the next couple days..   just randomly ask and see what services.

In Jesus loves a curious heart name..

heart   -who identified/named the heart?  not our physical heart  -the spiritual one

the one used in a conversation like this:

he put his whole heart into it.    or,

he did do it, but his heart was not in it.        ASK =  ask. seek. knock.    Matthew 7:7



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