Sunday, August 28, 2016

SPEAKING OF BUSINESS CARDS look what i made for (charles osgood!)

"Congratulations! Charles Osgood!"

I am grateful to have been a fan during your time as host of CBS Sunday Morning..

you are a treasure!


i'm also un~unpublishing/re-posting this  -because cerebral hyperlink opened for this too:

original post 12/03/2010
speaking of business cards
that is yet another thing i create with my mag time frame invention..
you do know what a mag time frame is don't you?
..only the WORLD'S FIRST CREATE-YOUR-OWN magnetic home decor frames
innovated by yours truly ")
and i wonder if this hand-crafted, customized, mag time business frame ever made into charles osgood's office?
i know he received my poem, because i received a wonderful, thank you letter in return. -but this..
not sure.


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