Sunday, August 28, 2016

REWARDS FOR CLEANING for (me!) sandra, ttgp

i'm un~unpublishing/re-posting this because the cerebral hyperlink opened when bob koopmann just mentioned to me that Charles Osgood announced his upcoming retirement today on CBS Sunday morning..     hey.. I have a letter from him!

original post 11/16/07

combination of events has allowed me to at last! get around to cleaning today. on the rare occasions i do finally take responsibility for this painful/dreadful chore, it never fails i find some long lost or new treasure that makes it all worth while.


this time i found two treasures when going through my mail pile:

1st... lookie there will ya... I DID HAVE UNTIL NOV 29TH TO ADDRESS THAT FIX-IT TICKET!! the entire towing was just as unnecessary as i hoped and imagined. secretary is out today, but making an appointment with the chief of police.. see if we can get this whole thing worked out.

2nd: and lookie there... i had mailed a copy of my self-portrait poem to sunday morning, and what a delightful and total surprise to receive an acknowledgement letter from the one and only charles osgood. THANK YOU! i've been a loyal fan for years.. used to set my alarm for the 5:30am sunday morning show, before comcast dvr came around. now i watch you sunday evening (commercial free) and it is my favorite way to end one week and start a new one...

love and appreciation, ~sandra, ttgp


At 2:55 AM, Blogger Hawley said...

BOOYAKASHA! (as some say) ... haha way to go! What great finds... Yes, it really is incredible how sometimes we are seemingly rewarded for taking the effort to minimize, sift through, clean, and restructure our lives a bit :)

I just want to get to a point where I don't move at least every 6 months. That'd be really nice.

At 6:48 AM, Blogger she said...

bh: dirty laundry and papers multiply faster than bunnies, secretly and over-night

i minimize by day
they maximize at night

"didn't i just clean in here?!"

it's the strangest thing...

but my heart goes out to you.

moving.. if you were to rate the stress level

competes at an olympic level with death and audits

-wins the silver

but can't find the box you put it in.

love and sympathy ~s.

At 8:17 PM, Blogger Hawley said...

You are so sweet and empathetic, Sandra. Thanks. Gosh. Yes... Really would love to feel like I can put down some roots and let them grow in the dirt, not like bamboo in rocks and a little water. We'll see... HGDTV, right?!

Matt and I are both feeling a bit forelorn in our living situations, wishing we lived together while at the same time grateful for our desire to value our relationship so much that we aren't (yet?!)...

At least we're close, but we'd be so happy as "roommates" :) We shall see, I suppose. Anyways, each phase of life has its matching set of challenges, right?

Just gotta hold on tight and enjoy the ride as best I can...

Thinking of you and how I still need to find that postcard I wrote you, along with a few other letters that must have escaped with the bunnies and dirty laundry. Maybe in the pile of wrinkled but clean clothes on my couch...


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