Tuesday, August 30, 2016

On becoming a neuro~science~spiritualist.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

as I shared with my daughter.. it's all about pathways, and why not create a new one vs. one that already exists;  -write.


when I learned of Gene Wilder's death, a mini-slide show played through my mind  (how? where exactly?  what size screen?  how does it stop and start and pause?)  

it was mostly of a clip here, face shot there, of different movies I have seen that he acted in.

and then,   -his wife?   snl?   I could see her face..     but couldn't get her name to surface.

once I heard it though,  "oh yes!  of course!"    -an easy match; face to name/name to face.

so plenty of neuro-science questions just in that quick experience alone; memory storage; movie screen in our minds..   the mechanisms..

and then to experience compassion/empathy for the family/friends of    -affection for someone and for people I never knew/knew; not in person; only as an actor..    and curiosities about their faith; belief in the after-this-life..      reuniting in spirit with his wife   (wives)?   any/all preceding loved ones..

to consider the value of his legacy; impact his comedy had on the public at large..   how many smiles; how much laughter; how many spirits lifted..     -the unquantifiable/unknowable significance and impact his life had on others..


and then   -I acknowledge how..  if you had no exposure; had not been introduced in person, or to any movies gene wilder performed in   -nothing in your memory storage...

and so I compare, and think about, how we very obviously arrive here on earth with a unique set of talents, gifts which time and circumstance can unwrap and reveal

but -at the same time, we are quite restricted; it is very finite what can enter our memory storage..

  -we arrive with gifts/talents/instincts   -we accumulate memories.

you cannot be held accountable for something that never entered your memory in the first place..
there will always be an infinite to very finite ratio of what you don't know to what you do; each individual human being so limited

so look to the whole..     connections of people and events like synapses...

and if I had more time and energy..   I'd revisit premonitions here.. vs. de je vu..


and speaking of neuro~spiritual pathways..     narrow is the road..  

Matthew 7:13-14

In Jesus' trustworthy name!   ~amen.


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