Monday, September 05, 2016

My Directorial Debut. yes, (me!) sandra, tvgp

"hey..  where are you?   oh! good, good...  I thought I heard you out there..   stay write there, ok..  I'm gonna go get my camera..."

/runs naked/dripping wet from shower to room for what needs to be a waterproof camera and back.


darn carpenter bees!  they just don't take direction..


"cant you just go flower to flower to flower like you did the other day.   -one more time.  

pretty please..


"fine!  I never really wanted your picture in the first place..    see..   im putting my camera back."


walks naked/dripping wet from shower back to room, waving white towel in surrender.  throws camera on bed; returns to shower.   -hears buzzing again.

"too late.  no showing off now..    I put the camera away; ha ha on you!"

-more buzzing.  peeks out window.  sure enough...  carpenter bee going from flower to flower to flower perfectly framed by the window.  like, the most brilliant opportunity for a 5 second video ever.  lighting; framing; sound; distance; activity...

super quietly, I bend low, quiet/quiet/quiet.. gently move shower curtains..  tip toe out of shower to bedroom to get what should be a water proof camera again..

quiet/quiet/quiet, tip toe back...   sneak stealth to the window..

-big fat nothing!   not a buzz to be heard for miles..

darn carpenter bees.    cant take direction for nothing.

"you're fired!   don't bother coming back...  do you hear me?!   FIRED!"


buzzzzzz.    zzzzz.                        /frickin' carpenter bee.

"i cant hear you.  cant hear you.  cant see you.....



slam window closed.   yell through window.  "i can always hire an animater you know."

buzz.   zzzzz.    zzzzz.

"the graphics are so amazing no one will know the difference...

buzz.   zzzzzz.   zzzz.

/quiet, slow, slides frosted window open again..


slams frosted window closed again.   continues shower.


the end.


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