Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Speed, Time, Money & Math for breakfast. by (me!), sandra, tvgp


monday through friday i drove 25 mph in a 30 mph zone.  to even things out, i drove 55 mph in the 30 mph zone on saturday, and on sunday, i drove the posted speed limit.


i usually spend one hour reading in the morning.  this morning i did not read; but still spent the hour.  where did that hour go?  can i read for two hours tomorrow morning, and get it back? -make it up; the hour, not the book.

time & money

the book i was reading was on loan from the library; so free..  i read it during my unpaid lunch break from work, so was not receiving my hourly wage while reading.   and it is filling me with all kinds of thoughts, and inspiration and new knowledge, and day dreams.   i wonder how i determine the R.O.I.


i earned a paycheck; i received a financial gift; i inherited a small sum.  i invested some, saved some and went to give some away in a birthday card i handmade.   somehow, i lost the handmade birthday card with the money it.   -so i handmade another birthday card...  


i learned you can add numbers; multiply numbers, divide numbers, create and solve problems with numbers, make determinations and predictions with numbers..   but no matter how many numbers you try and subtract...      -can't seem to eliminate numbers.


wonder how quickly i can buy yesterday's hour and for how much?


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