Thursday, April 28, 2016

SEE JACK DRIVE, by (me!), writeousmom

yes, I did participate in a few driving lessons, once my son earned his drivers permit..   but, yesterday, marks the first time

that as an officially licensed driver, my son did all the driving.  the first time, I text'd, "pick me up" instead of the other way around

and what makes this very special occasion even more extra special..   is where, and what I got to do!

-because I'm pretty sure I have not been able to help my children, son or daughter, with homework since they were in around the 3rd grade..   I'm not trying to be humble, or cute here; just honest.

ive been, and remain, a wonderful cheer leader..  but as for practical help, mostly ive just had to apologize and send them to a more knowledgeable source.

-even with English, and writing and communications.

because I have been free-form blogging for so many years now,  I have literally, utterly, and  completely forgotten all the grammar, punctuation rules..   -gone.   so, they've mostly had to get help from their dad, or friends, peers, the internet..

but!   at long last..   and "thank you Jesus!"   jack had a homework assignment that I knew I could help with!    -made me want to put on a cape...    writeousmom!  -to the rescue

jack:  "do you know what blitzkrieg refers to?"

(me!):  " -no idea "

and a gracious definition was provided to me.   I tried to confirm:

(me!):   -sounds like what they called more recently, a shock n' awe campaign..     attack from the air, attack from the ground; attack, attack, attack from every direction..


and as for actual times/dates; specific world history information..   well, I was very good about short term memory requirments in school..  memorize, take test,  -and then it all would disappear

so, I only have very big bullet point info at hand:  WWI, WWII,    very rough/vague..

so, really I couldn't be much help at all until..


(me!):   "did you just say you need to go to...    MICHAELS?!"    and then I thought for sure, we should go to HOBBY LOBBY too..

paint!  miniature tanks and military stuff..    adhesives!     honey, I know my adhesives!


and, so, it is locked in my great memories file:  -how the first time Jack picked me up, as a licensed driver, and he did all the driving..

it was to two of my most favorite stores; and! the one time I could help him with his homework.  
and actually we went to three stores, because wherelse are you going to find miniature army men, and toy tanks..   but TOYS R US...

and then the whole drive, was a blessings, because we drove along foothill, and he talked about how that triggered painful memories of being forced to attend swim America swim lessons..   and how much he hated it..

"hated it?!   I have some pictures where you have a pretty big smile on your face when you earned those ribbons!"     -and I do.   but it is true, he wanted out before we actually let him out..     /same and worse for his sister..

anyway..   TOYS R US, triggered memories, great memories! of Jacks lego and Thomas train days..   windows of time I treasure now, and look forward to again, , God Willing, as a grandparent one day..

and we just talked in general..   -had him go over all his classes, and catch me up on how he is doing in each one.    -conversations that used to take place when I was driving him to school

-and I sure do miss that; but proud to see him driving himself now..

and what a very good A+ driver he is!   -and I had it in my mind to hold the praise until we officially arrived back home, but just a couple blocks away, he asked, "so how do you like my driving?"

"A++!   -YOU are a very good driver, I'm quite impressed!"

/and he parked perfectly too.

and speaking of A+'s:     I may not be able to tell you in detail about blitzkrieg; and jack knew the exact name of what is just 'an airplane' to me, but

"..  for that, you need double-sided sticky tape..  I have some!"

"for that..   a sponge..  and if you mix these two paints..."

"for that..   these scissors..    

"oh!   let me go get my Xyron machine..      every house should have 1 tv and 3 xyron machines"

/that last quote of mine appears in an arts n crafts trade journal somewhere...


and as you can see, this part of the assignment is still in progress, but it is turning out great, wouldn't you say..

"Thank You! Jack!"    -love you; very proud...    xoxo


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