Sunday, March 10, 2013

soliloquy, soliloquy

original post 03/19/2006. so - wrote a fourth poem inspired by the same mystery, and was interrupted by the thought (intuition... whatever), that this fourth poem is one of ten inspired by this mystery. at the completion of the 10th poem, the mystery will go away.

oh, my goodness. the sadness that swept over and through me... for hours (not, really..., but for about 10 minutes) i walked slowly around my house, shoulders falling down like teardrops (maya angelou). no. please. no. don't take my mystery away from me! and just as i was about to let grief get the best of me, i was interrupted by this thought:

hey, stupid -write nine poems. stop at nine.

and then i smiled and skipped here to my office to blog.


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