Friday, March 01, 2013

OBAMA by (me!) Sandra,tvgp

I confess to spending an inordinate amount of time thinking about Obama. Especially after one particular Charlie rose interview... Too long ago now for me to remember who.. Or the title of the book, etc. The stand out for me, is that this person had direct access to Obama, an ability to directly observe...over an extended period of time.. And he marveled at OBAMAS ability to move from one high stakes emotional environment to the next with the eloquence he does... /my paraphrasing... :but I imagined as he spoke... Just what that might take.. To in one moment be in the home of a military family passing on devastating news and sincere condolences.. And then in a different hour, on another day.. Standing before blatant enemies and loyal supporters trying to negotiate... And then at the dinner table with his wife and children, and then in another part of the world representing the united states, and then in a parade... Conscious of the knowledge, at all times, of how crucial the secret service is to his/his families lives, under perpetual threat... And then smiling and praising and celebrating artists for the Kennedy center honors, and then debating/strategizing, and reading policies that impact countless lives, and ...the list is too long.. But the magnitude! Of the position, the stakes, the threats, demands, thankless efforts, scrutiny... The emotional stability and fortitude this requires and demands; It just blows my mind. There's so much we could all learn from that: the emotional stability and fortitude. More important than how to win a campaign, or negotiate in a democracy or debate... How he mentally prepares and sustains his confidence under this wide of a spectrum of emotional experiences and external pressures! He does not appear indifferent, or apathetic, or detached... He appears engaged, genuinely caring, weighing consequences, etc. But without ever becoming overwhelmed. How? How? How? -I studied a picture in the media of him and his wife in a parade.. They looked so gorgeous, alive, happy, free... Of course we know secret service was everywhere, but even still... Who among us ordinary laypeople would not worry still... Who among us could let go and enjoy the parade, and trust in God and the secret service enough to let the joy weigh heavier than the threat... And I thought on this for some time. And thought.. If your inclination was to worry, worry, worry about decisions already made, about -potential- threats, about what enemies think, etc. If you were a worrier.. Why bother to accept such a position? It would not be worth it.. That thought turns out to be very transferable: if youre going to worry about the goings on at your home, the whole time you travel... Might not be worth it to travel.. You have to trust and let go. If you're going to worry to death about achieving or maintaining a becomes a lifestyle of worry And is no longer worth it... Another long list here.. But I come back to the same conclusion over and over... The ability to trust God and not give in to the very natural/wordily temptation to worry. Because it can eat you alive. Which brings us back to being able to control/master your thought life... THAT'S THE CLASS STUDENTS NEED more than math or science.. That's what we can learn from Obama if he'd be kind enough to teach's in part, what I learn by watching Joyce Meyer everyday... But as she would say... "I'm not where I should be, but I'm better than I used to be". -it's all so much easier said than done... I have a beloved friend with a grandson in the military.. How do you not worry? But this is so taxing on our consciousnesses, and hearts, and it does nothing to impact circumstances in other countries.. I think again of the 50 cents quote "pray or worry but don't do both". It's true and yet who among us... Who among us.... It just seems over and over to me, that success in this area trumps every other thing we could possibly ever hope to attain. In two words it is: perpetual peace. And who is the prince of peace... "thank you Jesus!". I love you, amen.


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