Monday, February 25, 2013

ARE YOU SURE? By (me!) Sandra, tvgp

So what happens, like today.. Is I have certain emails I need to reply to; initiate... Certain things I want to say.. But this I-pad won't let me send emails only read them.. I hear Joel Osteen whisper, " this is being done for you, not to you.". -fine. Slows down my impulsive nature to type straight from the hip.. Tip of my fingers. it's like God says to me..."Sandra.. ARE YOU SURE? you want to say that.." and then I pray.. And think, and try and listen... And the only way I can still say it. Is if I drive myself alll the way to the library.. Wait for a computer to call my own... Wait for the upload process... Etc. And then, and only then, and very on purpose, do I say anyway what God was maybe hopin I wouldn't. Or would; but more deliberately. Amen.


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