Monday, February 18, 2013

COFFIN SHAPED POEM by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

It is my philosophy: to go with and not against. Something starts to block your view, climb and paint the fence. So while I wait so patiently to post my poem with write spacing.. It dawned on me.. To write another, 'bout the problem I was facing. Write a squishy poem where the spacing doesn't matter! Rectangular poem, long and thin, lick the spoon, and stir the batter. Go with! Not against -and this will unlock... Free the meaning from my words stuck in a box. Oh iPad! Oh iPad.. I can't count the ways.. You frustrate, mis-crush-trate, miss spell in six ways. But! I won't be silenced! 'cuz I'm not alone. With not against! Write a coffin shaped poem. can't kill me. Can't stop me. My words are alive! Reject me, eject me.. Watch me skydive. Can't kill me. Can't stop me. my words are alive!


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