Monday, February 11, 2013

GOOD THING MOM ASKED by (me!) sandra, tvgp

this could also be called -i can explain part II.  like parent.. like child:  i had received 2 or 3 invitations from different people to visit their church some sunday morning.  -i'm interested in exploring..  just as i enjoy watching a variety of church tv shows.  so i thought, -that might be fun.  maybe we could go to a different church every sunday for a couple months, just check 'em out.  i said to one person, "my children might really enjoy that..   like a different adventure every sunday morning."   -writeousmom wrong again.  good thing i asked.  on our way to our church sunday morning, i threw out the idea, i said, "on a scale from 1-10, 1 being not interested at all, or 10 -way interested.. how do you feel about visiting a different church every sunday?"   -son and daughter at about the same time, both said, "ONE!"   -and that's how i learned just how much they love centerpointe presbyterian  AND, guess what else they both also said, "we don't want to have to get all dressed up to go anywhere..   we like being casual."   -i wonder how many people share their sentiment..   and that got me to remembering one of joel osteens messages about 'being excellent' in all you do.  its the one time, i really think he got it wrong.  he talked about how one day, after a long work-out, when he was unshowered and sweaty, he needed to run into a store real quick for  -something.  what, i can't remember.  in any case..  he didn't do it, without first driving all the way home, taking a shower, putting on nice clothes, etc.  -then he went back to the store  -which would have been on his way, originally, and got what he needed, and was really glad he showered because -someone spotted him!  said, 'aren't you that preacher on tv?'  -or something like that.   joel reported being really glad he went out of his way to 'be excellent' in all things..   i saw it as an image trap set by the devil.    -i saw it as going way backward..  so what if someone sees you run in a store in sweats, all sweaty from a workout?  who cares?  youre human.. you just worked out, the store is on the way...  it seems like such a trap if you have to be perfect all day everyday, and really, socially counterproductive..     at least for me, the way i see things..   we need to be more relaxed, not more image conscious.  and i can't help but wonder..  with his wife being as pretty as she is; always in the public eye..   would she allow anyone to see her without her make-up?  without the nice expensive clothes, jewelry, etc.   -for me..  the more evolved human is as comfortable casual, as they are all made up for public consumption.  -the image trap...   that's how i see it and what i call it..   plenty of evidence in history this does more harm than good..    keepin' up appearances.  and over and over and over again, you can hear how grateful people are when they meet people who are "real" and "transparent"  vs. perfect public image/stereotype.   i do enjoy playing in the dirty sandbox and re-drawing the line...   in this case...  unshowered/sweaty at the podium at lakewood while he delivers his message to a world-wide audience; no.  unshowered/sweaty while he runs into the store for an item; yes and please...   do us favor by not being perfect 24/7.   -keepin' it real can be excellent in its own way too.


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