Sunday, March 03, 2013

PUT A CURRENT FACE WITH YOUR NAME by (me!) sandra, tvgp

by sandra harrison kay originally written for creative imaging's blog in june 2011.
 formerly: everyone seeks to put a face with a name


Why are we required to have our pictures on our driver’s license?

 Why is it not enough to just have our name, birth date, address, driver’s license number?

 I’ll tell you why -because it is not enough for us to say who we are; we must show who we are.

We must let people see we are who we say we are.

Everyone seeks to put a face with a name. We want this in our newspapers; in our magazines; on book jackets; and today, we’ve come to expect this on websites, resumes, business cards and social media sites, hence the name: -FACEbook.

 It is name and face together that best communicates authenticity and name and face together that most quickly opens the relationship door between customer and client; between colleagues; between vendor and buyer; mentors and protégés; between single individuals looking to date

But how many people, I wonder, use their driver’s license photo as their profile picture?

 Exactly. Me neither.

All of us want a picture that flatters; that captures the real us -but the real us at our real best.

That’s where Creative Imaging’s professional photographers come in. It is their pleasure (education and training), to determine the best environment, find the most suitable pose and use the best lighting techniques to provide you with the most flattering portrait of your true self.

 Creative Imaging photographers will consult on whether you should have a casual or formal portrait; close up or full body; in studio or environmental.

Professional portraits provided by Creative Imaging can generate countless great first impressions. And a few professional portraits by Creative Imaging can outshine dozens of amateur efforts.

In today’s world, every person, male or female, small business owner, corporate professional or cyber-social, needs at a minimum, one professional and current photo.

 Let us flatter the face that goes with your name. To Schedule Appointment, call: 925-485-6025


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