Monday, September 17, 2012


I HAVE A (pipe) DREAM!
for the vacant domus building -do you?

i must drive by the vacant domus building at least twelve times a week. and it is exactly the vacant nature of this large, abandoned, neglected, lonely lot, with ample parking space, directly across from my favorite gas station and stationery store.. walking distance to towne center books and all the great restaurants and shops downtown;

that feeds my creative imagination.

like, first off: i do not like the dark blue awning with white lettering. that will have to go. although i have not decided whether my new awning should be bright gold, with ruby red lettering, or ruby red, with bright gold lettering. ut either way, it will be a spectacular looking canvas, and a total attention-getter for everyone who actually stops at the stop sign at this popular three-way intersection.

and i haven’t quite decided whether it should be called, Sandra Kay’s arts & crafts studio, or maybe, Sandra Kay’s, and then in a pretty script font below my name:
kits, gifts & ideas.

yes. that has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it. anyway.. inside. Inside! well inside, i plan to put the best looking michael’s craft store, and the top-selling independent scrapbook store -to shame! sorry, richard… . because it will have the look and feel of a warm and welcoming café, (not a retail store) but will house the best designer paper selection in the world! plus, only the greatest and actually useful arts/crafts supplies, and only the best, fully-functioning, consumer-tested/proven, tried & true arts n’ craft tools of the trade.

nothing cheapy. nothing in fancy packaging that isn’t actually creatively productive.

and i will have gorgeous work stationS -plural, where people can create at will: a stamping station, an embossing station, an adhering station, a sticker creating station.. and giant ovens for our –first of its kind, shrinky-dink station! ( i hear children cheering, clapping, yahoo'ing)

and of course! a whole very user-friendly station devoted to creating-your-own mag time frames! -and we will collaborate with our local TV30 to provide the most inspiring series of "live! from Sandra Kay's" how-to craft shows.

Sandra Kay’s will have traffic-stopping window displays that will become the talk of the town, and we will collaborate with local artists for décor, and local musicians for our music.

you will be allowed to sit down, with food and drink, in a library area, loaded with arts/crafts magazines to browse through for inspiration. plus we will have a selection of beverages, and healthy snacks available. maybe some of my mom’s famous fudge.

crafters, teachers, scrapbookers, stampers, mixed-media artists, students and children will come from all over the tri-valley and tourists from all over the world! to visit, shop and create at Sandra Kay’s…

but of course i will need to talk to charles huff first, about adding some large sky-lights.. i can’t be expected to thrive without lots of natural light…


At 2:14 PM, Anonymous brenda dronkers said...

I LOVE it... wow! talk about a visionary!

At 7:58 AM, Blogger she said...

brenda: as long as you don't put my dream anywhere near martin luther king jr's

"to the vision that must precede the launch.. cheers!"

love, ~s

At 8:14 AM, Blogger she said...

they don't know it yet, but i've selected who will design my custom ovens:

i can't wait to talk to someone..

looks like they've been restricting the purpose of their custom ovens to food & the restaurant business

just wait til they see what else they can do!

At 4:15 PM, Blogger she said...

Original post 12/16/2010. When I drove past today.. I saw that DoMus is closing again...

Sad yes, but... "I have a dream!"

/I always have a dream....

What I need

Are some angel investors....


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