Thursday, August 09, 2012

LOST: AGAIN a poem by (me!) sandra, tvgp

the sail is out of my wind today

the step is out of my kick

the bet is gone from my thrill write now

the tongue is gone from my lick

the favorite is not on my song list at all
and missing from my colors

the peace is not in my quiet today
and the blanket is not in my covers

the feel is missing from my touch
the people from my gatherings

the line is missing from my punch
the + from all my batteries

and i just wondered
if maybe you know how
to put the sun back in my rise

or maybe

if you could just help me please

put the again back in my tries.


At 9:55 AM, Blogger she said...

Originally posted 11/14/2010.

I am not in this emotional state at all today. I am full of joy and peace.

But I am grateful I honored this experience by recognizing and releasing it via a poem.

This will sound counterintuitive at first:

But, it is so important to hurt. We have to experience pain, recognize when it hurts, say it out loud, name it.. Call it what it is, Release it

Steps that cannot be skipped in the healing process.

-for me, it is poetry or writing.. For you, a song.. Maybe a long conversation with a friend for someone else.. A painting for another, Gardening another, etc.

But we will all experience pain
And we are all gifted with a way to release it...

All human beings are made to suffer -only half of the story:

All human beings are equipped to heal.

In Jesus Name. -amen


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