Friday, May 08, 2020

The Celebrity State, a poem by (me!) sandra, tvgp

The Celebrity State

Mixed Spring Glorious Green Salad Hills Seasoned with Salt & Pepper Cows

   Business suits, Swimsuits, Birthday Suits; All with an ocean view

Stock Markets, Farmers Markets, Year Round, Rain or Shine

Almonds, walnuts,
                             Strawberries, grapes,
                                                            Lettuce & tomatoes; beef cattle, hay

Silicon Valley, Tri Valley, Calaveras Valley, Napa Valley

 technology, scenic drives, wine tasting, micro beer or bottled water “cheers”

Warriors, Kings, Lakers, Clippers,

Originally Oakland Raiders   -49ers, Rams, Chargers,

A’s, Giants, Angels, Dodgers, Padres

Sharks, Kings & Ducks

Sports bars, spirit wear and a contagious world champion spirit

Snow to ski, waters to jet, lines to zip, sky to soar, mountains to climb; or move…

Power walks, beer crawls, wine strolls  -bay area ridge trails path

Tennis shoes, high heels, hiking, cow and rain boots, flip flops, bare feet, uggs

Poppies to delight, quails to charm, redwoods to awe

Luxury suites; homeless camps

Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, secular, agnostic, atheist and indifferents;
unlabeled, unconcerned and in peace – picnic together at concerts in the parks

Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Alcatraz, Angel Island, Monterey, Alameda, San Diego

Disneyland, Universal Studios, Magic Mountain and Great America

              Heavenly beauty and manmade forms of whole family fun

Gold Rush, Golden State, Gold in the San Francisco Gate Bridge

More than 800 miles of put the top down on your convertible and coast…

Natives, immigrants, locals and tourists blend into tertiary communities of hope

new shades of political purples born from deep reds & denim blues

sales too taxed, traffic too jammed, cost of living too high

California’s Indian Name would be Mighty Chief Wins Hearts Breaks Wallets

  But California was born speaking Spanish; Si

 you can establecer su propio ritmo  -crawl; surf; walk; climb a corporate ladder; go! go! go! fly!   stay grounded; grab a hammock; nap and dream… work part time, work over time, work no time just volunteer; work until you
 ‘tag you’re it’ the next generation

rent to own, own to rent, stay put, ever wander..     be yourself, be quiet, be loud, be heard, be seen in HOLLYWOOD

Born a highly photogenic child star in 1850, our 31st state always lights up for the camera, providing Oscar winning memories for each and every fan;  and is destined to receive a lifetime achievement award.

California has an amazing diversity of people, impressive spectrum of terrains, dual paned bay windows of golden opportunities, a variety of ‘keep the’ or create a faith systems, minimum wage earners to billionaires, a plethora of creative instincts and uncanny knowledge, wealth of theatre, art and museums, cornucopia of cultures, campus upon campus of education, PhD’s in entertainment; still so much untapdanced potential plus ever intriguing archives. Famous architecture. Rave worthy international cuisine. Take a selfie with our celebrity state, California; say “Eureka!” and smile.

Sandra Harrison Kay


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