Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Dear 2020 Graduates, from (me!) sandra, tvgp AKA WriteousMom

 oh! i sure feel for these seniors, these graduates, missing out on all the events/celebrations/parties, due to covid19, and our shelter in place..     part of me is inclined to point out:

well, all that time, you've been hittin' the books, and learning this, and learning that..

that's only half of what you need to know to thrive in life...     "not all storms are in the forecast" as joyce meyer likes to say.    much of life..

or, i pray, not 'much', but a  % of life..    adversity.     I say, with a lighthearted spirit, 'I feel like my whole life has been one long adversity training class'

so, here you are in highly adverse circumstances; no warning, no direct training; *unprecedented
all plans must change

     -how you handle this...    what is going on write now;

it is a different type of grade you will receive; a different lesson and different reward for navigating this crisis successfully..

graduating with honors from this real world adversity training course; that is your new goal.

and, if I got to hand pick the commencement speech all graduates would view online, it would be this one

   -because sometimes, someone does such a stellar job of it..   you don't need a new and different person, at different schools, each giving a new speech every year

you just "encore! encore! encore!"   the best ones.


Carry On Seniors!    You've made it this far....          xoxo      I love you!   WriteousMom


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