Monday, April 20, 2020

The Winn-Dixie Memory Test Experiment by (me!) sandra, tvgp

For those of you who are game:

1. If you have ever seen the movie, or read the book, Winn-Dixie,  -exclusively from your own personal memory, without doing any research, write what you remember about the movie or book.

2.  If you have yet to see or read it...  do that this week, and write down, in bullet point fashion, about what you saw or read.


I will return here at some unknown, but near future time to check in and explain more.


I will share this much: a number of months ago I happened across the opportunity to watch 'because of winn-dixie with my sexy.  To see it now.. age 54, and compare what I saw this time vs
 my memory of it decades ago..

And, once again, Christian writers will understand immediately:

I said to God,    I dont want to write about it.. it will take too much time and energy.. I dont know if I can say/add anything not obvious.

And within the next several weeks, a series of Winn-Dixie related internal naggings..


I'm not taking the bait...  (of the enemy?)

I dont want to write about it..

And.. eventually the naggings subsided and I was living free of, and clear  -for a good stretch of time!

moving happily forward...

And then TODAY! while I was continuing the miraculous work of organizing/decluttering, thank you in large part to the collateral blessing of time our shelter in place has provided..


I was sorting through this, then that.. my son's school work, my daughter's school work.. here a paper, there a paper, everywhere a lot of paper..

And I scanned this one writing portfolio and I was like..

Fine.  Fine then.  You WINn- Dixie

because my interpretation at this point is..

  -all Christian writers know and understand and agree..

you just somehow know when to surrender.


and I'm not going to write about it now, write this minute

But very soon.


in Jesus name,  amen.


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