Tuesday, April 28, 2020

R.O.I. as seen by (me!) sandra, tvgp


it is not the first time i'm sharing that R.O.I. is my all time favorite business term!

Return On Investment.

in business, where financial profit is the singular objective; and the return is always communicated in dollars and cents; it is vital to any investor to learn in advance

if I invest this much $$$, what will I get in return?  and then of course, to learn, how long it will take, etc., etc.

but I use r.o.i. for many of lifes experiences

love, joy, peace..   all fruits of the spirit..


and above is an excellent example.  AWESOME R.O.I. when it comes to poppies!

I mean to tell you, 

last year I purchased just a couple packets of seeds, and those packets probably cost $1.49, or $2 something at the most..

and LOOK! at the yield..  hundreds last year; and with no additional seed spread..  hundreds again this year!   can we quantify their beauty?  the impact on our spirit through our eyes?

PLUS! the poppies attract the bees/butterflies..   pollinators..  

can we quantify the value?  it is enormous!

we do have the cost of occasional waterings...

but, when you do the spiritual math  $2 to $4 dollars for all that?!?!?

it is the equivalent of a home-made family video generating Disney/Pixar block buster ticket sales.


speaking of...       one day, I wish to have the family video I made for my dad's birthday available to the whole wide world for viewing..        it is all heart; with very little to no technical/movie making resources.


and technology will continue to change/evolve.. but it is always being used, at any given time/era,  to communicate the same heart issues.




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