Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Collateral Blessings of Covid19 by (me!) sandra, tvgp

* while we pray for, and help as we can, those adversely affected; we also pray with gratitude for some equally unprecedented collateral blessings


for time off work

for time off the road/a break from long, taxing, dangerous commutes

for time to organize and spring clean

for the return home of children in college

for online visits with friends

for time to watch movies, read books, eat popcorn, play in the yard

for long walks on beautiful days

for the meeting of neighbors, as they walk,  -many introducing themselves for the first time  (from a safe social distance of course)

for stimulus and unemployment help

for life at our own pace

for time to create, cook, plan, dream, imagine

   -and, I have found..   with nowhere to go really,  that has also ='d nowhere to spend..  and I have saved more money during this crisis..    and paid more on bills...    collateral blessing!

there is more...   but, we are, most of us, familiar with the term collateral damage..

there is such thing as collateral blessings too.     -count them..

in Jesus Name,   amen.


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