Thursday, May 07, 2020

California Bliss by (sexy! & tops!)

and "thank you!" here to our young friend raayan for all his help/contributions.   -we light heartedly say our home is a destination for 4th graders; California History.   we've got the flag, quail, poppies, gold, a mission, seashells..  and working on a mixed media redwood.  still upcoming,  a poem about California.    -we are both pleased with our results on this installation... and keep repeating,' the bear was a real bear to create!'   the face metamorphized from looking like a hedgehog, to a long neck mongoose, a unique species of dinosaur lizard..     but eventually we landed on a head that passes as a bear head/face.   -our new yard art hobby is one of our great joys!  keeping us outdoors, in the sunshine, visiting with neighbors/passersby, creating..  playing..   'enjoying everyday life'   /"thank you!" here to Joyce Meyer.


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