Thursday, May 21, 2020

Public "Thank You!" to our neighbor (jean!)

email shared with her permission:

Hi, Sandra, I'm Jean McKay and I live on Whitman Way behind you, actually one house up! I walk my dog each night and over the months have enjoyed your art! I've wanted to tell you but time just slips by! When I saw your California Flag, I couldn't believe the artistry. I thought Sal Pizarro of the Mercury News needs to hear about this and perhaps run an article. Then I thought perhaps I should get the artist's OK first as she might not want lots of people driving by and ogling her yard! haha Well, privacy is sometimes important. So, at least I've introduced myself now, so perhaps you'll be kind enough to give me the go-ahead to email Mr. Pizarro about my talented neighbor. I've really enjoyed your artistry and your writings and your arbor day project. Thank you. Sincerely, Jean McKay


i am so grateful to live in a neighborhood with people like Jean.    we have since met her in person and enjoyed a long conversation...    what a blessing!   xoxo   Thank You Jesus, amen.


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