Thursday, February 07, 2019

The -WHOLE- truth and something 'bout the few by (me!) sandra, tvgp

I am writing as a layperson, pedestrian, citizen, mom, prior victim, conqueror, survivor; and not as a professional journalist reporter.  there has been no fact checking, and there will be no actual, real numbers researched to provide you.   I know what I know without any or all of that; based on 5 decades plus of life and over a million conversations/observations/experiences, etc.


the inspiration for this post is a recent, ultra brief conversation, that went like this:

(me!):   "are you a Christian?"

him:   "No.  I'm an atheist.."      and that really was the beginning and the end of our conversation.


but what I know about  -him-   is that he is headed into law enforcement, and so I said to myself and Jesus..   let me pray extra for that young man...   and I don't know Jesus, but if I were to guess..  I'd give his atheism about another 5 to 7 years tops...    and I wonder what his come to Jesus moment will look like?


To every noble man and woman in law enforcement of any faith or lack thereof:

 "Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!" 

  We need you more than ever, but write now, in the current climate, it is very hard to keep and recruit qualified, noble, people!

The exploitation of the corrupt few.. over, and over, and over..   has the population at large projecting corruption on the entire force.   You are entering (or currently working in) a very hostile environment.   You are being severely over-worked and incrementally under paid...  slowly the wages are being lowered, or for longer times stagnant..   longer hours, mandatory, not optional; the amount of time/years to be vested in 401k's and the like keeps growing longer...   if I were to summarize the conditions in 5 words:


and now in your thankless, very high stress job, lacking sleep and time to restore with so much mandatory overtime..    under 7 layers of stress,    -should you make a decision, that anyone who is overworked, exhausted, and up against would make..     and that decision is wrong in the blinded public's eyes..    you will pay for that too..    adding even more stress...   even more hostility.

How can we turn this around?    I do not have the answer..   but I sure can identify the problem.


via a million conversations, I have learned..     it is entirely BACKWARDS

SDRAWKCAB!! in the jails/prisons

flip the formula for a moment..   the same way the exploitation of the few corrupt cops has been projected on to the whole...

the exploitation of a few wrongly accused or poorly treated inmates is being projected on to the entire population of inmates..    /I think we should stick to the word "criminal" instead of "inmate" to help remind...    

so that an unbalanced and unjustified amount of compassion, mercy, empathy, etc. is being poured out and onto violent rapists, child molesters, predators of every kind,  drug addicts, gang leaders and members, robbers/thieves.. and a whole line of evil, hideous criminals who have destroyed the lives of our innocent, law abiding, basically good citizens.

now I know, have written prior, and agree still..    if you have a violent, evil, criminal who has destroyed innocent lives..   and who threatens the lives of even one, or many others, by remaining on the streets    -sending such a unevolved human being into our current jail/prison system, certainly does not look to me like it is going to do  -anything-  that will help said EVIL criminal evolve..   rather.. it seems to me it will make matters worse..

but until we figure that out..   keeping predators, rapists, molesters, robbers/thieves, gang leaders, members, terrorists off the streets and away from the innocent, law abiding public seems CRUCIAL TO ME

but the unbalanced and unjustified amount of compassion projected onto the unworthy whole inmate/crininal population IN COMBINATION WITH the unbalanced, unjustified amount of hostility toward the whole law enforcement population is currently equaling this:

violent, evil inmate who is in jail for destroying innocent live(s):

  -just got an upgrade on a larger flat screen tv. /by 2"'s
 -has popcorn/movie nights..   and can be let out of cell for popcorn/movie night even if he/she attacked an officer or another inmate
 -health care/attention at the snap of a finger
-in and out of cell privileges, mandatory, despite any violent behaviors
-popsicles and running through the sprinklers for recreation..   despite attacks on officers or other inmates
-no consequences for ugly, violent, threatening behavior

in my many conversations, I hear it repeatedly, from many different sources..   authority/autonomy has been taken away from the noble law enforcement officers..   and  -given- more and more to the inmates/criminals   and the criminals are feeling very empowered, and our noble officers are working in more and more hostile conditions..

the officers..

many/most good, law abiding, wanting to serve, make a living that will allow them to provide for their families..  wanting to SERVE AND PROTECT their families, communities, schools, neighborhoods by keeping criminals/predators off the streets

they are  -forced-  to work not only their regular 40 hours week, but  -mandatory- overtime..  

so, already up against it..

with no down time..  no time with family/friends, no time for rest.. no time to restore..   and more and more hostile environment/circumstances..   and little to no support from the public or higher ups


is that what you all want?  

an overworked, exhausted, underpaid/undercompensated noble law enforcement officer,

making sure the unevolved violent, predator who just attacked an officer and another inmate

 -do you want to make sure he gets his larger flat screen tv?  and popcorn/movie night..

and free health care...    and laundry service..     and recreational time...    meals...   dessert...

while the overworked, exhausted underpaid/undercompensated noble law enforcement officer has to tell his noble, law abiding spouse and children,

he/she has been -mandatoried- to work another overtime shift, and can't come to the family function; because he/she needs to make sure the criminal gets his/her recreational time..

is that what you want?

-because that is what you currently have.


remember here, I write this as an individual who has survived gang infested neighborhoods; three kidnappings and rapes, a bank robbery..   and many scary neighborhoods/hostile environments.

I am GRATEFUL FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT, POLICE, HIGHWAY PATROL.. every noble first responder of every kind.


In Jesus hear my prayer, name..       amen.


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