Saturday, January 20, 2018

FUEL for the FAITHFUL by (me!) sandra, tvgp

payday Friday..   that's when I can fill up my tank vs. stick $20 in..

and that's exactly what I was doin' at the arco on the corner.

gentleman at the pump across from me:  is that a real tattoo on your face?

(me!):   yes, it is..

gentleman:  what does it mean?

(me!):   conquer the world with kindness

gentleman:   are you Buddhist?

(me!):   Christian.  You?

gentleman:  Buddhist. and That's sounds more like a Buddhist thing.

(me!):   Well, I walk in the fruits of the spirit..  and that's for everyone.  All of humanity..

gentleman:    everyone..

(me!):   have a great weekend

gentleman:    you too.


cerebral hyperlink to:   Never met a former Buddhist

In Jesus, LOVE your God, LOVE your neighbor, Walk in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE's  name.   amen.


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