Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Proposal to Howard Schultz.. from (me!) sandra, tvgp

and so yesterday, popped in a local starbucks    -and here we go again, with the marketing of the blondes

remember the brew crawl?

anyway, having seen the interview of howard schultz by my charlie rose,   [psalm 118:8]

ive always been a fan.   a grateful fan.    he was employing people, offering fair wages and providing health benefits to part-time employees when we needed it the most;

when unemployment was skyrocketing, and benefits were hard to come by, crazy expensive even for full time employees

when a number of companies were employing only part-time employees, and not even offering full time positions exactly so they could avoid providing health benefits

so  -he seemed like a hero to (me!).                    /but so did my charlie rose for a long time [psalm 118:8]   I am keeping this in mind

but, let me speak as if..

and get more importantly just to the point; my proposal:         and ive slipped these photos in here in hopes you might notice

no blonds.    but can you make out what my custom designed t-shirt reads?  on the back, I have my website:, and on the front!

proverbs 16:31.

gray hair is a crown of splendor.  it is attainted in the way of  /writeousness


now, good God, I am not unaware, as an entrepreneur and consumer myself, living in the 21st century

as a poet, and appreciator of the power of words

I am not unaware that calling a beverage, like   gray-haired lady, might dampen sales figures


as I mentioned before..  even the apostles were masters of the euphemism..

so, we have two possibilities here for honoring my demographic..  who do,

well, I am without a power point presentation, or any actual fact-checked numbers,

but, i'm pretty confident  [there's two wonderful adjectives for beverages..]  that we,

women and men 50+..     let me be more inclusive and not gender specific and say, people..

people 50+    /while that category still exists..  because with artificial intelligence and augmented reality, I believe even 'people' has an expiration date..

anyway, people over 50:

we spend time and money at starbucks on ourselves, friends, children, spouses, siblings..

and even, literally! on our friend's children's spouses siblings!    we are generous gift-givers

I see it all the time.


here we go:  two drink name possibilities:

1. the crown.
2. splendor

and, now, the same way a % people rush to judge and criticize starbucks..

I can already hear the nay-sayers because I am referencing the Bible, but!  

I mean, I am a Christian, with American values, who whole-heartedly supports freedom of religion;

these are secular-friendly words, are they not:   Crown.  Splendor.

it would be like, attractive to the general public   -and, at the same time!   appreciated, in an insiders way, by Bible literate people over 50

/although, I must say..     even pastors/ministers, and long, long time church goers, and bible study leaders have to ask me, what is proverbs 16:31?

              "only the entire middle row of your church people!    and I blend write in.."


I see how you appreciate and use, a couple, two or three adjectives to describe each drink, once you have come up with the name it is ordered by

so,   how fun!       ive been thinkin' on this for a whole day now,    wonderful attributes/qualities/euphemisms/adjectives that describe people over 50..

people who have 5 decades + worth of experience here on the planet...   "that's it!"

the crown:   experienced,

and you can't live 50+ years without facing and overcoming a large number of...  "that's it!"

the crown:  experienced, confident, writeous & sexy   /jumped ahead, and will go unexplained.. because we must keep moving...

and, now


/isn't this so exciting..    the way these words sound, roll off the tongue, fill the air space in the coffee shop

"that's it!"

splendor:   magnificent and exciting

let's practice and imagine together, shall we:

"yes, I would like my crown..     {and then the royal crown!  with the works.. of course}

"give me a double-shot of splendor...

"i'd like to gift a crown to...

and then, barista to customer,   " [ "name..     your crown is ready, or..  come and get your crown.. you've earned it..]

"you deserve a crown...                ...lead the way...

"starbuck's splendor awaits...


yes, so that is my first proposal.

but, anyone who knows and reads me, knows!

               -there's more where that came from

so, my second proposal

                to somehow marry...

I mean it is perfect!        /wait, let's add that word too..   it is one of my favorite, favorite

but, if you use the word perfect.    -well, it's going to need its very own, new drink name..

you don't want to use it as an add-on, know what I mean,

you wouldn't say, for example, experienced, fun and sexy and perfect..

if something is perfect, that is the one and only word you use

{drink name},   perfect.

or, maybe, that could be the drink name itself, yes!

"make it perfect"   "I want mine perfect"          "[name.]  perfection for you...

but, back to proposal number two..

dear howard schultz,   my hero,    hire-er of masses of people,  -giver-er of health benefits to part time employees, care-er of not just numbers and sales, but people,

if we could somehow marry,    the heart seen +  starbucks

I mean,

the heart seen collection, is awesome and growing and can be see all around the world, it is fun, inspiring,  -feeds the soul

just like starbucks! 

so, in my mind, on the walls of starbucks everywhere..    heart seen photographs, from customers all around the world!

and, now, I remind here, that to be a true heart seen photograph; to qualify.. to meet the criteria

it has to be heart shapes found/photographed in our day to day environment, but which are not created with human intention.

I have 100's we can start with...  

and now, they come in pretty quick, once people catch on..   so, it is also my idea, that

instead of print pictures,  -putting them up, taking them down, changing them..

"digital!"       -digital wall art, with heart seen photograph slide-shows, and!  a way

an app!   a way people can add them/incorporate write from their phones!

love all around!  

wherever there is a starbucks...   the heart seen...

what a great...


dear howard Schultz,

"will you marry..

starbucks + heart seen?"

      match made in heaven...                oh!  heavenly, what a great marketing adjective that is...

how 'bout,   these drink names:

the glory, glory, hallelujah,

and the amen.


At 7:47 AM, Blogger Karin Montgomery said...

I lthink this is a Fabulous idea!!! Yes, PLEASE!
Please send to Howard:)



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